Kaizer Chiefs Penalized for Fielding Suspended Player

Kaizer Chiefs Penalized for Fielding Suspended Player

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Chiefs appeared before the Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee (PSL DC) on Friday and admitted their guilt in fielding Puso Dithejane during a DStv Diski Challenge (DDC) match against Maritzburg United on April 19, 2023.


As a consequence, the club has been fined R10,000, which will be suspended provided they do not commit the same offense within 24 months.

PSL Prosecutor’s Statement

Zola Majavu, the PSL prosecutor, confirmed that Kaizer Chiefs and Puso Dithejane attended the PSL DC hearing.

They were charged with playing Dithejane despite his suspension and pleaded guilty to the charges.

As a result, they were duly convicted by the disciplinary committee.

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Sanctions Imposed by the PSL DC

After considering submissions from both parties, the PSL DC delivered the following rulings:

a) Kaizer Chiefs were instructed to forfeit the match against Maritzburg United in favor of the opposing team.


This match was part of the DDC.

b) Additionally, Kaizer Chiefs were fined R10,000, but the fine was suspended for a period of 24 months, on the condition that they do not repeat a similar offense during the suspension period.

c) The club was also ordered to cover the costs associated with the PSL DC proceedings.

Meanwhile, Puso Dithejane received a one-match suspension.

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The PSL DC’s decision to penalize Kaizer Chiefs for fielding a suspended player demonstrates the league’s commitment to upholding the rules and regulations of fair play.

The fine imposed on the club, although suspended, serves as a warning and encourages adherence to disciplinary guidelines in the future.

The match forfeiture serves as a tangible consequence for the violation committed.

It is essential for clubs to maintain strict compliance with player eligibility requirements to ensure fairness and the integrity of the competition.



Kaizer Chiefs’ appearance before the PSL DC and their subsequent guilty plea signify their acknowledgement of the violation committed.

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The imposed sanctions, including the suspended fine and match forfeiture, aim to deter similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The involvement of Puso Dithejane in the violation resulted in his one-match suspension, indicating the individual responsibility players bear in upholding the regulations of the sport.

The PSL’s commitment to transparency and disciplinary proceedings is evident in the ordered cost coverage by the club.

This incident emphasizes the importance of strict adherence to player eligibility and serves as a reminder to clubs to thoroughly assess and confirm the eligibility of their players before fielding them in matches.


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