Joshua Hudnall’s harrowing story of his mother’s manipulations

Joshua Hudnall’s harrowing story of his mother’s manipulations

Joshua Hudnall’s harrowing story of his mother’s manipulations and his family’s tragic past has been featured on the true crime TV show Evil Lives Here. On November 24, 2022, at 9 pm ET, ID’s acclaimed series ‘Evil Lives Here’ re-aired a haunting 2019 episode titled “Let Her Rot.” The episode recounts the tragic story of an Iraq War veteran Joshua Hudnall, his dysfunctional family, and his manipulative mother.

The episode’s synopsis reads: “When Joshua Hudnall goes off to war, he feels more at home than he ever did around his mother; while Joshua thinks he’s escaped his mother’s torment, she sets her sights on someone else and destroys their family from within.”

The heart-wrenching narrative delves into the brutal murder of Joshua’s father, William Hudnall, in 2011. The heinous crime was carried out by Joshua’s younger sister, Guenevere, and their mother, Stephanie, who is described as a “master manipulator.”

Joshua also disclosed that his mother had attempted to poison his father before his death and had even set fire to their bed while he was sleeping. Additionally, he claimed that Stephanie had tried to stab him, which ultimately led him to join the military.

Stephanie and Guenevere are both serving time in jail for their roles in the death of William and the destruction of their family. The re-airing of this episode serves as a haunting reminder of the devastating effects of manipulation and abuse within families.

Joshua Hudnall was born to William and Stephanie Hudnall on February 14, 1991, in Keystone Heights, Florida. Growing up, he lived with his two younger sisters, Guenevere and Ruby Grace. After enlisting in the US army, Joshua was stationed in Iraq when his father was found dead at his Hawthorne home in June 2011.

The murder was committed by his younger sister, Guenevere, who admitted to killing William with a pickaxe under the influence of their mother, Stephanie. She wanted his social security money. Joshua revealed that his mother was a “master manipulator” who exerted extreme control over the family, leading him to join the army to escape her tyranny.

For Joshua, his time in Iraq was a reprieve from the difficult life he experienced at home.

Despite the constant danger and threat of death, he found living in a war-torn region easier than dealing with his mother’s abuse. He said, “Iraq was the easiest time of my life.”

During his appearance on ‘Evil Lives Here’, Joshua Hudnall shared the difficulty he faced in speaking out about his mother’s cruel behaviour, which continued to impact his life for years. Tragically, Joshua passed away shortly after opening up about Stephanie Hudnall’s manipulations on the show.

At 27, in August 2018, he was found deceased in his truck in Florida, where he had lived at the time. The cause of his untimely death was later determined to be liver failure.

Despite being able to share his family’s harrowing story on Evil Lives Here, Joshua’s passing came before the episode was broadcasted. The post The Tragic Story Of Joshua Hudnall – How Did He Die? appeared first on Vizaca.

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