Johannesburg Police Order Public Urinator to Clean Up Mess in Latest Crackdown

Johannesburg Police Order Public Urinator to Clean Up Mess in Latest Crackdown

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officers have reportedly ordered a man to clean his urine after he was caught urinating in public in the Johannesburg CBD.


According to JMPD, the culprit was caught next to the JMPD Command Post Bus at St Mary’s Cathedral at Wanderers and De Villiers Street.

The offender was made to pay the consequences of his indecent action by cleaning his urine.

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Prevalence of urinating in public This is not the first time that the JMPD has ordered a culprit to clean after their mess in the inner city.

In fact, earlier this month, another man was forced to mop his urine after urinating next to St Mary’s Cathedral, Wanderers Street.

Reactions over by-law enforcement Many people have praised JMPD for enforcing the by-laws and teaching these individuals a lesson about hygiene.

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Some commenters on social media commended the JMPD for their work in upholding by-laws in the city, while others criticized the city for not providing enough public toilets.


One commenter, Mavuto Kandaya, suggested that next time offenders should remove their jackets and wipe them dry and wear them to understand how others feel about the smell.

Overall, it is important for people to respect the laws and regulations put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in public spaces.

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While some may argue that there are not enough public toilets available, it is still not acceptable to urinate in public spaces.

The enforcement of by-laws by JMPD is crucial in maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment in the city.


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