Joe Jonas soars to movie stardom in war drama ‘Devotion’

Joe Jonas soars to movie stardom in war drama ‘Devotion’

It’s All Saints’ Day, and New York’s East Village is still littered with the remnants of drunken Halloween costumes from the night before — a misplaced mask here, a tossed wig there — which, beneath the glare of the sun, appear very frightening. Joe Jonas, the Jonas Brothers’ hair-ruling heartthrob, had already won Halloween a few days before the traditional Village parade by attending a Brooklyn home party dressed as Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads.

“I was riding my Citi Bike [to the party], and it was very weird because I believe some people were like, ‘What’s going on here?'” recalls Jonas, looking boy-band fresh after his Halloween drag escapade.

“I wore the wig the entire night, even when I became a bit overheated about 2 a.m. No, you have to maintain your persona here! Who, you know, does not adore Flo? “I’m awaiting my free Progressive insurance, but we’ll see whether it occurs.”

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Today, Jonas is playing a new type of dress-up for his Alexa cover photo, donning Gucci, Versace, and Moschino. However, he is equally devoted to the haute couture he’s wearing to a dance beat. “When it comes to fashion, I want to feel confident wearing it,” adds Jonas, who puts his own flair to the edgy style.

“Devotion” is a Korean War drama starring “Lovecraft Country” actor Jonathan Majors and “Top Gun: Maverick” breakthrough Glen Powell. This is all in the name of advertising his first significant part in a major motion picture.

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Jonas, who is 33 but appears at least ten years younger, portrays Navy hero Marty Goode in the Oscar-nominated picture (in theaters now). It was an opportunity for the singer to pursue his long-dormant passion for acting, which he had not been allowed to fully explore since 2005, when he joined the JoBros. And confidence – this is a far cry from “Camp Rock.”

“Acting is my greatest love,” he says Alexa. “When I was younger, I was an actor, but that was years ago. I’ve always enjoyed being able to immerse myself in a character and surround myself with excellent performers, but I never had the opportunity to say “Great, that sounds amazing.” So, when will your film be released? Okay, I have no idea where I’ll be at that moment.'”

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Ironically, the pandemic lockdown offered him the opportunity he required. “Obviously, touring would come to an end,” he recalls. “And I and my brothers were like, ‘Okay, well, we’re all going to do what we have to do and take care of our families and be home. This allowed me the opportunity to put myself on camera, meet directors, producers, and writers, and essentially “pitch” myself.

“Devotion,” which focuses on the relationship between two Navy pilots — Tom Hundner (Powell) and Jesse Brown (Majors), the first black man to fly in combat for the U.S. Navy — was the ideal passion project to launch his acting career.AP

Jonas adds of the narrative, which was based on Adam Makos’ 2015 book “Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice,” that he was “blown away” and “sort of bewildered” that he was unaware of it prior. And that was a truly life-altering experience.

As a longstanding pop icon, Jonas knew he had to prove himself to the cast and director J.D. Dillard of “Devotion.” Jonas also contributed his musical abilities to the Khalid duet “Not Alone,” which plays over the film’s closing credits.

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“It was rather fascinating to go into the room and meet so many talented performers, such as Jonathan Majors,” he adds. “I’m telling myself, ‘Oh my god, this is true. Here, I am not joking around. I must step up my performance. And in the initial chat I had with J.D., I stated, “Look, I’m aware that I’m not your first option or first selection.” However, I responded, “Look, I’ll work so hard for you. I shall commit myself to completing the task.'”

To help him find his acting flow, Jonas went to his “Game of Thrones” co-star wife Sophie Turner as his acting instructor. “She is my most honest and demanding critic,” he adds. “When it comes to immersing ourselves in personalities and roles, we want each other to embark on their own path, but I would read every scene with her… Even if I think, “Cool, that was nice,” she will say, “You could certainly do more work.” But as a source of inspiration, it’s fantastic that I live with such a talented actor.”

Joe Jonas and his wife, “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner, both grew up in the public eye and support each other. They just just gave birth to their second kid.
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The celebrity couple, who originally connected via Instagram direct messages in 2016, wed in 2019 and now have two children: Willa, 2, and another girl born in July whose name has not been disclosed. Growing up in the spotlight has strengthened the couple’s closeness.

Jonas, who was reared in New Jersey, states, “We both began really early.” However, our occupations and way of life in the United Kingdom and the United States were vastly distinct. Now, having his family as a base keeps him grounded amid the maelstrom of show business. Jonas describes his wife, Turner, as “an incredible life partner that I can trust, be honest and open with, and depend on when things are really challenging for me.”

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While the couple’s jobs have brought them all over the country — they were stationed in Savannah, Georgia when Jonas was filming “Devotion” — they are currently establishing a home in Miami. People believe there are nothing but nightclubs, hotspots, and beaches with tremendous waves. Certainly, but there are also lovely and calm spots,” adds Jonas, who loves to go from the coffee shop Suite Habana Cafe to the restaurant Casa Tua in Miami Beach. And then, obviously, there’s the weather benefit of being beside the clearest water.

Since his Disney days with the Jonas Brothers, the “Sucker” singer has been a team player in the celebrity game. The fact that he does not have to navigate the limelight on his own has prevented him from becoming yet another adolescent star-turned-trainwreck.

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Jonas recalls on how he and his friends formerly had a frantic existence. “We had our challenges, we dealt with our issues — things that nobody knew about — but at the end of the day, we had family. We had each other to glance at and ask, “Are you okay?” We were able to communicate with someone. And as I aged, the wonderful advantages of treatment assisted.”

Jonas has no plans to leave his own band of brothers any time soon, despite his hectic schedule promoting his Christmas film and the “Not Alone” song, as well as continuing to lead his “Cake by the Ocean” side band DNCE (they recorded the summer hit “Move” in May).

“DNCE is probably the closest I’ll go to going solo, but you never know,” he says. “I don’t know exactly where my profession will lead me, but if I can have more of the same, I’ll be satisfied at the end of the day. I’m doing well right now. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed.”

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