Joburg Film Festival Youth and Audience Development Programme seeks young African storytellers

Joburg Film Festival Youth and Audience Development Programme seeks young African storytellers

This past month, noted director and masterclass facilitator Ndumiso Sibanda addressed a rapt audience at the Joburg Film Festival Youth and Audience Development Programme seminars in the West Rand.

“Only those who narrate the narrative are remembered by history,” he remarked.

In cooperation with MultiChoice, the Joburg Film Festival is a call to all creative minds who have ever dreamed of story-telling or filmmaking. It is a prized pass to a room filled with South Africa’s renowned cinema gurus and talent.

Strategically positioned to become Africa’s Premier Film Festival through the curation and exhibition of African and International films, the development plan illuminates the path into the film industry’s often-obscure paths.

It is intended to teach youngsters valuable things, such as knocking on the proper doors and understanding the extent of preparation required to convey truly outstanding stories.

West Rand youth were presented with the Directing Masterclass by Ndumiso Sibanda.

The small group size allows for seamless interaction and direct instruction from award-winning directors, designers, writers, and performers, as well as numerous chances for growth, training, skill transfer, and networking.

The development program is held in five Gauteng towns over five weekends and registration is straightforward. This time, creative spirits from the West Rand flocked to the Gauteng Archive Centre and rejoiced in the inspiration, atmosphere, and positive energy that permeated the space.

Basetsana Koboyankwe, a 40-year-old mother, singer, and poet who attended the West Rand leg of the Youth and Audience Development programme with her seven-year-old daughter, was enthusiastic about her participation in the programme.

“Aspiring to break into the film industry feels like one of those things that you can’t openly desire, but [in my case] secretly crave. I believed this was a one-time opportunity to explore my dreams in a safe environment and see how far I could go,” Basetsana stated.

Thapelo Nelson, 19, who utilizes a camera to tell short stories through dancing, expressed a similar emotion, stating, “I’ve gained so much information and comprehension. Everything learnt here will be applied to my craft!”

This kid development program lives up to its lofty reputation.

“The Kasi is brimming with talent, but we lack access to the platforms necessary to pursue our aspirations. This festival represents our demand for additional opportunities to express who WE are. Thapelo Nelson has concluded.

The acting and filmmaking seminars are designed for young individuals interested in pursuing a career in the film business, both in front of and behind the camera, independent of their academic background in the topic.

Mmabatho Kau’s masterclass on Story Writing and Conceptualization was an enthralling introduction to the weekend’s seminars, providing a foundation for the visions that were just beginning to germinate.

If you are a young voice who aspires to become a film director, actor, or future industry titan, then the Youth & Audience Development program was designed specifically for you!

Register here to attend the next set of sessions scheduled for November 5 and 6, 2022, in Ekhurhuleni.

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»Joburg Film Festival Youth and Audience Development Programme seeks young African storytellers«

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