JK Rowling faces off against Australian non-binary activist Deni Todorovič after Todorovič makes comments about public toilets

JK Rowling faces off against Australian non-binary activist Deni Todorovič after Todorovič makes comments about public toilets

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JK Rowling Criticizes Non-Binary Activist’s Dilemma Choosing a Bathroom

Author and podcast host, Deni Todorovič, spoke on ABC’s Q&A on Monday night about the difficulties faced by transgender and non-binary people, including the dilemma of choosing between male and female public bathrooms.


Todorovič shared that the decision of which bathroom to use could be complicated and even dangerous for the trans community.

London documentary producer Malcolm Clark, who describes himself as a campaigner against gender ideology, took aim at the activist, and said that the entitlement of some gay men is trashing all our reputations.

Ms. Rowling then reshared Mr. Clark’s Twitter post with an emoji of a spool of thread.

Deni Todorovi¿, who recently made headlines when employed by swimwear brand SeaFolly as a model, appeared on ABC’s Q&A on Monday night where they discussed the challenges faced by transgender and non-binary people

Non-Binary Activist Explains Dilemma

Todorovič explained that there were issues with trans people using both female and male toilets.

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They shared that if they needed to use the bathroom at a public event, they would have to consider where to go.

If they went to the men’s toilets, they would be abused at the urinal. If they used the cubicle, the security guard would assume they were doing things they shouldn’t be doing.


If they went to the women’s toilets, people might think they were a pedophile.

Mr. Clark Criticizes Activist’s Statement

Following Todorovič’s appearance, Mr. Clark went on a lengthy rant, questioning how women can feel safe in female bathrooms if they were available to non-binary people.

He argued that if it was dangerous for Todorovič to be with men in a toilet, it would be even more dangerous for women.

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He also argued that no man, no matter how violent, should be kept out of women’s spaces because who could decide which person was genuinely non-binary or trans.

JK Rowling re-shared a tweet that was criticising Todorovic’s comments on Q&A

Activist Responds to Criticism and Tags Emma Watson

Todorovič caught wind of Mr. Clark’s post and Ms. Rowling’s subsequent response, and launched their own fiery response, riddled with references to Harry Potter.

They criticized Ms. Rowling, telling her to face her own “boggarts in the closet” instead of “trying to paint people as dementors.

” Todorovič then tagged actress Emma Watson, asking for her support of trans folk.

Watson has previously stood up for the trans community, saying they “deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned.”

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This story highlights the ongoing struggle for the trans community to find safe and comfortable places to use public restrooms.

Deni Todorovič’s comments on Q&A demonstrate the complexity of the issue and the challenges that the trans community faces.

However, the criticism from Malcolm Clark shows the divide between those who support gender diversity and those who do not.

Ms. Rowling’s involvement in the conversation adds to the complexity, as her previous statements on gender have been controversial and criticized by some members of the Harry Potter fandom.

The tagging of Emma Watson in Todorovič’s response shows the need for allies and support from those with platforms to speak out for the trans community.


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