Jill Biden and the president’s family “totally back” his bid for re-election in 2024

Jill Biden and the president’s family “totally back” his bid for re-election in 2024

Jill Biden and the rest of the Biden family ‘totally support’ Joe Biden’s ambition for a second term as president, even though he has yet to publicly declare his candidacy.

Jill Biden and rest of the family 'fully support' Joe Biden seeking a second term - above the first lady watches the president speak at the November National Christmas tree lighting

Biden has the luxury of incumbency and, after Democrats survived a red wave in the midterm elections, a renewed vote of confidence from his own party in his capacity to govern.

He has stated that he intends to run again and that only his family or an unexpected circumstance, such as a health issue, would prevent him from doing so.

On the family front, Jill Biden, whose voice her husband hears first and last on any given day, is on board. She is described as being his most significant advisor.

As stated by the President, he intends to run for re-election, which Dr. Biden and his family completely support. She has been prepared and fully supportive from the outset,’ a senior advisor for Biden told DailyMail.com.

Jill Biden and the rest of the Biden family “totally back” Joe Biden’s bid for a second term; pictured, the first lady listens to the president speak at the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony in November.Jill Biden is described as being the most influential voice in her husband's orbit - above the first couple at a White House reception in early December

Jill Biden is recognized as the most influential voice in her husband’s orbit, surpassing the first couple at an early December White House reception.

Biden, 71, was not always enthusiastic about being the first lady.

In 2004, while her husband was considering an offer, she did not participate. When he met with advisors at their Wilmington residence to address the situation, she wore the word “No” written on her stomach.

However, she has accepted the possibility of four more years in the White House, and is now described as “all in.”

In the administration, where she maintains a close eye on President Biden, her views carry weight. She is frequently spotted on the White House’s Truman Balcony, watching the president depart from Marine One on the South Lawn after a trip (once she even had a glass of wine in her hand).

She is frequently the hand on his elbow, directing Vice President Biden when he lingers too long speaking with supporters or reporters or when he is running late.

She reportedly told aides that they should have intervened at his earlier press conference, during which he fielded questions from reporters for nearly two hours, before she attended his most recent press conference. These included challenging questions about his son Hunter’s business affairs and his own mental health.

At the November event, she sat on a chair on the sidelines and listened to his speech.

Jill Biden frequently watches her husband leave from Marine One onto the South Lawn from the Truman Balcony (as pictured in September 2021).

President Joe Biden and Jill Biden will celebrate 45 years of marriage this month.

As she did above in October 2020, Jill Biden frequently guides Joe Biden when he lingers too long conversing with supporters or reporters or is just running late.

As first lady, Jill Biden has established her own way. She continues to teach English at a community college in Northern Virginia, making her the first modern first lady to work outside the administration.

However, she maintains a dedication to her husband’s political career.

During the midterm elections of 2022, she was a campaigning tour de force and a widely requested Democratic surrogate in their state. She traveled throughout the nation, making visits in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Texas, among other locations, including states that her husband avoided.

The first lady reportedly informed French President Emmanuel Macron at a state dinner earlier this month that she and her husband are prepared for the 2024 campaign. Then, she, President Biden, and Macron raised a drink to his reelection.

President Biden has hinted that his announcement will be made in early 2023.

Last month, he stated at a post-election press conference at the White House, “My opinion is that we will make that determination early next year.”

And he added he doesn’t feel any obligation to act quickly, despite Trump’s announcement that he will run again.

“My intention is to run again when I declare, if I announce; but, I am a big respecter of fate, and this is ultimately a family decision. Biden stated, “I believe everyone wants me to run, but we’re going to have debates about it.” And I’m not in a hurry to make that determination now, tomorrow, or whenever, regardless of what my predecessor did.

It is unknown when this announcement will be made. In the first quarter of 2023, Biden will deliver his State of the Union address, work on his budget, and go to Mexico with other North American leaders. Moreover, the Ukraine is still enduring the repercussions of the COVID outbreak, and the situation there remains dangerous.

His advisers have consistently stated that he is preoccupied with governing the country, which this timetable demonstrates. Alternatively, on being president.

Joe and Jill Biden arrive at the presidential signing ceremony for the Respect for Marriage Act.

Jill Biden was engaged on the campaign trail during the midterm elections of 2022; here, she campaigns with Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly (he won re-election)

Above the president, the whole Biden family supports a second term in the White House, including son Hunter, his wife Melissa Cohen, and their son Beau.

Biden has also stated that he has not publicly declared his candidacy because he does not want to trigger certain election procedures. It would have hindered his capacity, for instance, to raise funds for Democrats during the midterm elections and then return to the same contributors for his own reelection campaign.

If he follows in the footsteps of President Barack Obama, the announcement might be made in April. Obama’s bid for a second term was launched on April 4, 2011.

However, the signals that he is jogging are present.

Biden recently campaigned for South Carolina – the state that awarded him the Democratic nomination in 2020 – to be the first in the process that determines the party’s presidential nominee, a move that would be advantageous for him in the 2024 election.

In addition, he made his first post-midterm election trips to Arizona and Michigan, two important states for his own reelection.

Some Democrats have voiced worries about Biden’s age – he is 80 years old – and have asked for the next generation of leaders to step forward.

The president, who will be 86 years old if reelected and completes a second term, has downplayed any age-related concerns by citing his doctor’s clear bill of health.

In addition, many of his Democratic detractors were won over after Republicans failed to win an overwhelming majority in the House and Democrats maintained control of the Senate in November.


»Jill Biden and the president’s family “totally back” his bid for re-election in 2024«

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