Jeopardy Executives Apologize for Editing Error That Revealed Winner

Jeopardy Executives Apologize for Editing Error That Revealed Winner

Jeopardy executives have issued an apology for their editing bungle, admitting that they ‘blew it’ sending fans into a tailspin after the error accidentally revealed the winner of last week’s episode.

Executive producer Michael Davies admitted that a ‘horrible error’ had been made when they revealed the final scores in the opening cutaway shot during host Mayim Bialik’s monologue.

Davies admitted that a sequence of errors led to the catastrophic reveal but added that retaping the opening dialogue was fairly standard for the show.

The grovelling executive said as part of his apology that ensuring something like that never happens again is the most important outcome for the popular game show.

‘We blew it at the top of the show. We made a horrible error where we revealed the final scores at the end in the opening cutaway shot during [host] Mayim’s [Bialik] monologue.’

Davies said that while retaping, they typically clear the podium scores but didn’t on this occasion. ‘

There is a cutaway shot during there; of course, it should be standard procedure.

And it is supposed to be standard procedure that we take the podium scores back to their original level, but it didn’t happen.’

He said the bungle took place in post-production and wasn’t caught in the final quality control checks.

‘We have now put in place a new series of protocols to prevent this from happening again,’ he promised.

Davies said it was executives of the show who have taken the blunder hardest and intended to be ‘more transparent’ when a mistake happens if it does.

Several spinoffs and specials are expected to be launched, according to Davies, who said that its ‘put pressure on production.’

‘We’re making more episodes. People are working more hours, and so that does lead to mistakes. But still, no excuse for this. It’s too basic.

We’re going to do everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen again,’ Davies said.

The error took place during the show’s March 8 episode as Bialik congratulated players for making it onto the long-running game show.

Jackson Jones’ score of $24,000 was shown, while fellow contestants Justin Bolsen’s $13,570 and Maya Wright’s $3,370 tally were also revealed.

The finalists were playing in the High School Reunion Tournament, with the second game set to be broadcast on Thursday evening.

Trivia fans noticed the blunder, storming the Twittersphere with their disappointment. On person wrote: ‘#Jeopardy #glitch–final scores showed when Mayim Bialik introduces contestants–even before the first question.

Check the podiums at the outset. The score display areas should be blank, but there are numbers there.

And those are the final scores! Major editing glitch.’

As for the High School Reunion Tournament, as March 9 viewers know, contestant Jackson Jones won that day’s game.

Contestant Justin Bolsen went on to win the tournament.

»Jeopardy Executives Apologize for Editing Error That Revealed Winner«

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