“Jeopardy!” Executive Producer Apologizes for On-Air Blunder

“Jeopardy!” Executive Producer Apologizes for On-Air Blunder

The executive producer of “Jeopardy!” has issued an apology for an on-air blunder that occurred during the March 8th episode.

At the beginning of the show, a shot of the contestants’ final scores was displayed on the screen, before the game had even begun.

Jackson Jones was shown with a score of $24,000, Justin Bolsen’s tally was $13,570, and Maya Wright’s score came in at $3,370.

During Monday’s episode of the “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast, executive producer Michael Davies admitted that the show “totally blew it” and went on to explain that a “series of errors” had led to the on-air blunder.

Davies stated that a decision was made to pick up the monologue, though neither he nor producer Sarah Whitcomb Foss could remember exactly what was wrong with it.

Sometimes a fact is incorrect, or there is a performance issue, which is when the monologue is picked up at the end of the show.

Davies explained that the standard procedure in these cases is to take the scores “back to the original level,” but that didn’t happen in this instance.

The mistake was not caught in post-production or during the final quality control.

Davies acknowledged that there were many elements that should have caught the mistake, but they didn’t.

Davies reassured fans of the show that new protocols are now in place to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

He also hinted that the ever-growing nature of the show has put pressure on the production, leading to mistakes. However, he emphasized that there was no excuse for the error and that the show would do everything in its power to prevent it from happening again.

Finally, he apologized to anyone whose experience of the show was ruined.

»“Jeopardy!” Executive Producer Apologizes for On-Air Blunder«

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