Jay Rutland supports Prince William and Kate

Jay Rutland supports Prince William and Kate

Jay Rutland, Tamara Ecclestone’s husband, defended his neighbors Prince William and Kate while criticizing Harry for “airing his family’s dirty linen.”

Rutland, 41, criticized the Duke of Sussex on Instagram for information in his new book Spare that he seemed angry over.

He criticized the memoir’s substance, which was regrettably published five days before it ought to have been in Spain.

In a harsh takedown of the book, he also said it was loaded with bitterness, adding to the current flood of criticism of the book.

Rutland said in an online article that William was a potential king, but then he added: “Harry’s juvenile envy demonstrates he never could be.”

Later, he added: “Notable that Harry hasn’t identified the racist Royal.

Is that because A) He enjoys painting them with the same brush as s***?

B) It was all BS, C) He’s holding onto it for the next chance to make money. My vote is a C with a sprinkle of an A in the interim.

Harry claims in his book that he and the Prince of Wales got into an argument after the latter referred to Meghan Markle as “difficult,” “rude,” and “aggressive.”

Additionally, William forewarned Harry against proposing, according to Harry’s book.

Harry alleged that William grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the ground, smashing a dog dish, towards the conclusion of the stand-up argument at Nottingham Cottage, his Kensington Palace apartment.

He said that his back was scratched and damaged. In a recently leaked excerpt from Harry’s upcoming interview with ITV, the duke said that his brother was so enraged during the alleged 2019 incident that he saw “red mist in him.”

He adds of his brother, “He wanted me to strike him back, but I decided not to.” Harry says to his buddy Tom Bradby in the video that was posted earlier today: “What was unusual here was the degree of fury, and I speak about the red mist that I had for so many years, and I saw this red mist in him.”

In the brief excerpt from the ITV interview, which will air on Sunday, Harry also discussed the drug usage described in Spare.

There are a good quantity of drugs [in the book], Mr. Bradby informs the duke.

Cocaine, marijuana, and magic mushrooms. People are going to be surprised by that, I mean.

According to the duke, who seems to concur, it was “essential to recognize.”

In addition, the king says he wants to make amends with his family, but that won’t happen without “some responsibility.”

He declares, “I desire reconciliation, but first, there must be some responsibility.”

The duke continues, “The reality, presumably, has been there’s just one side to the tale at the time, right?

There are, however, always two sides to a tale.

After William allegedly described Harry’s American bride Meghan as “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive” in his book, the younger brother reportedly said that William’s words repeated “the Press narrative” about his wife.

»Jay Rutland supports Prince William and Kate«

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