Jason Parsons: The Journey from Roofer to Successful DJ and Voice Actor

Jason Parsons: The Journey from Roofer to Successful DJ and Voice Actor

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Jason Parsons: From Musician to Voice-Over Artist


Jason Parsons, also known as “Human Kebab,” is a popular DJ with millions of Spotify streams to his name.

He has toured across the globe, including in Canada, the US, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

Apart from his successful music career, he has developed a solo radio show and is now making a name for himself in voice acting for top brands.

Starting Small and Working Hard

Jason’s journey began in a small Canadian town, where he developed a passion for music.

With dreams of making it in the industry, he moved to Canada’s largest city and started performing at any venue he could find, all while working as a roofer by day.

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He and his bandmate, Ashley Buchholz, spent their limited money on equipment and eventually recorded their first album.

Persistence and Marketing Paid Off

Knowing that creating music was only half the picture, Jason also focused on marketing.

He and Ashley gave their album to every person they knew in the radio and record label industries.

Their efforts eventually caught the attention of a notable DJ who vouched for them to the upper brass at Canada’s top rock radio station, giving them their big break.

Success and Challenges

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With his band USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker), Jason achieved much success, including many top-ten hit singles and three gold and two platinum singles.

However, he admits that entering the arts and entertainment industry is challenging and requires an insane level of self-belief to weather the storm of one’s own unknown.


New Horizons: Voice-Over Acting

Despite his success in music, Jason is always looking for new challenges.

He started working as a voice-over artist for major US brands such as The Home Depot and has plans to become a movie trailer voice artist.

His advice to aspiring artists is to always listen to oneself and what truly moves them, and never to shy away from their potential.

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Jason Parsons’ journey from a small Canadian town to international success is impressive.

His persistence and entrepreneurial spirit helped him market his music and eventually caught the attention of a notable DJ who gave him his big break.

His success in music and new endeavors in voice-over acting are proof that hard work and a willingness to try new things can lead to great accomplishments.


His advice to aspiring artists to never shy away from their potential is both inspiring and practical.

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