Jamie Lynn Spears says the cast of ‘Special Forces’ feels like a new ‘family.’

Jamie Lynn Spears says the cast of ‘Special Forces’ feels like a new ‘family.’

Jamie Lynn Spears tells Page Six exclusively that she is “very grateful” to have acquired a new family while filming the upcoming reality series “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” for Fox.

“After this, everyone felt like family. The 31-year-old sister of music icon Britney Spears tells us ahead of the premiere, “When you walk on that first day, you’re instantaneously attached.”

She says, “They simply take off the Band-Aid, and you have no choice but to bond.”

Without the support of all these incredible new individuals in my life, I would not have been able to endure [this].

Jamie Lynn visited the deserts of Jordan with, among others, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum Kate Gosselin, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, and Spice Girls member Melanie “Mel B” Brown.

There, the group engaged in a series of arduous trials derived directly from the U.S. military’s playbook, which aids in the selection process for Special Forces.

Jamie Lynn says she enjoyed getting to know all 16 contestants, but she built an especially close bond with another former child star-turned-proud mother Beverley Mitchell.

The 41-year-old “7th Heaven” actress tells Page Six that she is “very grateful” that she and Jamie Lynn were able to support each other while they challenged themselves physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Mitchell adds of her bond with the “Zoey 101” star, “I believe we share so many similarities and that it was so natural.”

“Honestly, I could not have survived this experience without Jamie Lynn making me giggle in the back of those automobiles.”

The automobile drives to and from the military challenges were “maybe the finest part” of the 10-day production, according to Jamie Lynn.

“Those were the periods when we knew we weren’t going to be tossed out of helicopters or anything,” the “Sweet Magnolias” actress explains. “It was like a little bit of safety.”

“For a moment, it was almost as if we were back in the ordinary world. We were allowed to relax our vigilance somewhat. That was our zone of comfort.”

Jamie Lynn undoubtedly found solace in forming meaningful relationships with others after negotiating the complex dynamics of her real family this year.

Britney, the older sister of the “Things I Should Have Said” author, recently startled fans by complimenting her estranged but “inspiring” sibling and then urging her to have “self-worth” amidst their ongoing fight.

It’s my birthday, but you’re my heart, so I’m thinking of you…,” the 41-year-old superstar said in a now-deleted Instagram caption.

She said, “Congratulations for displaying such courage, inspiration, and valor in your performance!!! You ain’t alone … If anyone knows how that feels,… I got it. My little sister!!! I love you !!!”

Britney later followed up by pushing Jamie Lynn to have “self-respect as my sister!!!”

The singer of “Toxic” emphasized, “Just look UP, sweetheart… Remember THAT WHAT YOU HOLD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU SEE!!

Jamie Lynn tells Page Six that although she was first introduced to the public as Britney’s little sister, the “very transformational” experience of filming “Special Forces” helped her develop her own identity.

Jamie Lynn, who is also a wife to husband Jamie Watson and a dedicated mother to daughters Maddie, 14, and Ivey, 4, explains, “The program did help me uncover more of who I am as a person and understand my self-identity.”

After Britney was liberated from her contentious, nearly 14-year conservatorship, she accused Jamie Lynn of being complicit in its continuation, as previously reported.

Britney’s medical, personal, and financial affairs were governed under a stringent legal agreement established in 2008 by Jamie Spears, who is estranged from his eldest daughter.

Jamie Lynn asserts that she previously offered Britney “contacts” that may help relieve the conservatorship, but Britney denied her assistance.

Britney’s conservatorship was finally ended in November 2021, with the assistance of her attorney Mathew Rosengart.

Britney has stated in the past that she would like to “sue [her] family” for their roles in her conservatorship, sparing neither brother Bryan nor mother Lynne Spears — whom Britney has accused of giving Jamie Spears, 70, the idea for the conservatorship along with former business manager Lou Taylor.

Britney has also stated that she wants her father to be arrested and charged with “conservatorship abuse.”

Fox premieres “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” on January 4 at 8 p.m. ET.


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