Jacob from Newport dubbed “smug” by Tipping Point viewers

Jacob from Newport dubbed “smug” by Tipping Point viewers

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Viewers tuning into the latest episode of Tipping Point, the long-running game show hosted by Ben Shephard on ITV, were treated to a tense episode featuring two contestants, Chris and Roya, competing to win the jackpot prize from the large arcade machine.


However, some viewers were more interested in one particular contestant, Jacob from Newport, who seemed to be playing the game in a “smug” way.

Twitter reactions to Jacob’s gameplay

As the episode aired, viewers took to Twitter to express their opinions on Jacob’s demeanor.

Some viewers claimed that the contestant was playing in a “smug” way, with one person referring to him as “Smug g** Jacob.”

Viewers were irked by the 'smug' Business Improvement Consultant
Viewers were irked by the ‘smug’ Business Improvement Consultant

Others were less harsh, with one viewer comparing him to Madness frontman Suggs.

Jacob wins the jackpot round


Despite the negative reactions from some viewers, Jacob ultimately outsmarted his fellow contestants and won the jackpot round, walking away with £3,800 for the machine.

He revealed that he intends to use the money to purchase new equipment for his football team.


While it’s not uncommon for game show contestants to be criticized or praised for their behavior, it’s interesting to note the level of attention and scrutiny that viewers place on contestants in today’s age of social media.

Jacob’s gameplay, and his perceived “smugness,” became a hot topic of discussion among Tipping Point viewers, with some fans even creating memes and jokes about his demeanor.

It’s also worth noting that the reactions to Jacob’s gameplay were mixed, with some viewers taking issue with his attitude while others were less bothered.

This highlights the subjective nature of opinions and how different viewers can have vastly different reactions to the same content.

Overall, Jacob’s win on Tipping Point and the viewer reactions to his gameplay serve as a reminder of the impact of social media on our consumption of media and entertainment.


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