ISIS bride Zehra Duman may return to Australia as it closes legal loopholes

ISIS bride Zehra Duman may return to Australia as it closes legal loopholes

More than a dozen alleged Islamic State terrorists might request to have their Australian citizenship restored due to serious legal loopholes in our nation’s security legislation.

Four months before, the High Court of Australia determined that citizenship cessation rules were unconstitutional because they were based on a ministerial decision rather than a court judgment.

ISIS jihadi bride Zehra Duman’s legal team was advised by government attorneys on Monday that they will no longer pursue an appeal against the Coalition government’s decision to revoke her citizenship.

Duman, a 19-year-old from Australia, traveled to Syria in late 2014 and married three ISIS militants, including Mahmoud Abdullatif, a fellow fanatic from Melbourne who was dubbed the “playboy jihadi.”

Since the High Court’s decision, the Albanesian administration has been frantically searching for a legislative remedy to the citizenship issue.

The previous government’s decision to revoke Delil Alexander’s Australian citizenship while he was being held in Syria was reversed by the court in June. Alexander is a dual citizen of Australia and Turkey.

The decision, which Alexander and one other individual were subject to, established a precedent and had immediate repercussions for around 20 Australians who had their citizenship revoked due to suspected ties to terrorism.

The government will propose its own citizenship cessation rules, which would give a court the authority to determine whether someone implicated in terrorism should lose their citizenship rather than a minister.

It is anticipated that the rules would include both acts of terrorism committed abroad and on Australian territory.

It occurs at the same time as threats made by Dunam on social media, where she promoted obscene ISIS propaganda and personally threatened Australia and the family of a Daily Mail Australia reporter.

In 2015, images of ISIS women holding machine weapons and posing next to a BMW while dressed entirely in Islamic garb were shared on Twitter under the hash tag “5-star jihad” by a user whose identity is thought to be Duman.

‘US + Australia, how does it feel that all five of us were born and reared in your countries, and now here hunger for ur (sic) blood,’ Duman said in one tweet.

Duman said to Daily Mail Australia at the time: “All you need to know is that the next time I enter Australia, it will be when we come and annex it to the Islamic State, inshallah” (with the permission of Allah).

Do I miss my family, you ask? Well, I imagine you’ll soon miss yours (sic). Have a wonderful day, buddy, and thanks again.”

After the Islamic State was defeated in March 2019, Duman was imprisoned in the Kurdish portion of Syria, and later that year, her Australian citizenship was withdrawn.

She managed to escape the al-Hol prison facility with the aid of people smugglers, and she later fled to Turkey with her son Jarred and daughter Layla. In 2020, she was found guilty of belonging to a terrorist organization.

Duman begged to go back to her home in Melbourne and for her children to be treated like “normal kids” in Australia. Her family in Melbourne had long fought for her return, alleging that she was “brainwashed.”

»ISIS bride Zehra Duman may return to Australia as it closes legal loopholes«

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