Investigation is being conducted on NSW employees for drug use

Investigation is being conducted on NSW employees for drug use

An investigation is being conducted into a prominent law firm in New South Wales over allegations that some employees engaged in drug use, sexual harassment, and blackmail at an office party. The firm’s name has not been disclosed for legal reasons.

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Still, the focus on its workplace culture came to light during the criminal trial of one of its lawyers, who was charged with serious offences but found not guilty after being taken to court by one of their colleagues.

During the trial, evidence raised concerns about the behaviour of six employees, including senior staff members, at the firm.

According to The Daily Telegraph, one of the lawyers had recently been admitted to the NSW Supreme Court and allegedly arranged for cocaine to be supplied to their colleagues to celebrate the occasion just hours after the formal ceremony.

Senior staff members provided testimony that indicated drug use and sexual activity took place during office parties and other social functions.

The court heard that one lawyer was caught doing cocaine off a microwave plate and sharing the drug with others. In another incident, a worker allegedly found a cocaine-covered $20 note in the office the next day and allowed their children to spend it on pizza.

The court also heard allegations that one lawyer propositioned their colleagues with sex at one of the parties.

Another planned to blackmail a colleague who wanted their job, threatening to disclose their illegal behaviour to their partner if they did not resign.

In response to the evidence presented during the trial, the judge referred the lawyers to the NSW Law Society and the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner for investigation.

»Investigation is being conducted on NSW employees for drug use«

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