Inverted Unveils Electric Version of Classic Range Rover with Sustainable Upgrades

Inverted Unveils Electric Version of Classic Range Rover with Sustainable Upgrades

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

British EV specialist Inverted has revealed its first model – an electric version of a classic Range Rover that has been sensitively restored.


The car is powered by a reconditioned and low-mileage Tesla 80kWh battery and motor and features a new gearset, oil pump, and limited slip differential.

Equipped with 450bhp and 600Nm of torque, the car is capable of 0-60mph in around five seconds.

It has three driving modes, including Eco, Sport, and Off-road, which adjusts the powertrain’s settings for the environment.

Range and Charging Time

Inverted estimates that the Range Rover will have a range of up to 200 miles, and a 100kW charging capability means that a 20% to 80% charge could take 34 minutes.

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As with the original Range Rover, the electrified model has four-wheel-drive, with the brakes upgraded to new Alcon front versions.


An optional road handling pack is available, which includes adjustable shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, as well as 25% stiffer springs to improve cornering.

Interior and Sustainability

The interior of the #001 model features a sustainable leather from Muirhead, with a contrasting Harris Tweed used throughout.

Modern features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a reversing camera, and heated seats.

Zero-Emissions Benefits and Price

Thanks to its zero-emissions powertrain, the Inverted Range Rover is exempt from road tax, congestion charges, and is ULEZ-exempt.

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However, the car comes with a hefty price tag starting at £225,000 plus VAT.

It is available in both two-door and four-door specifications.


Analysis and Commentaries

The electrification of classic cars is a growing trend, and Inverted’s electric Range Rover demonstrates that classic cars can be successfully restored with modern, sustainable technology.

The company has not only preserved the iconic design of the original Range Rover, but also updated its powertrain and added modern features, making it an attractive proposition for car enthusiasts who are also environmentally conscious.

However, the high price point of the car may make it less accessible to a wider audience.

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The fact that it is exempt from road tax and congestion charges, and is ULEZ-exempt, may appeal to some buyers, but it remains to be seen if the benefits of owning an electric classic car outweigh the cost for most consumers.

Inverted’s electric Range Rover is an impressive example of the potential for classic cars to be restored and updated with modern technology.

It shows that classic cars can be made sustainable and still retain their iconic design and character.

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