Two drunk men broke into Cardiff home and attacked owner with baseball bat

Two drunk men broke into Cardiff home and attacked owner with baseball bat

Two intoxicated men, Daniel Carter and Jonathan Middleton, entered a house in Jubilees Crescent, Bridgend, Wales, and attacked the occupant with a baseball bat.

Earlier that day, they had made threatening and abusive calls to the victim in a local social club, before arriving at his home armed with the weapon. The victim had to cope with the aftermath of the attack, as people in the community thought of him as a “grass.”

During a hearing at Cardiff Crown Court, Jason Howells, the prosecutor, explained that on May 1, 2022, the victim was at Sarn social club in Bridgend, when he began receiving abusive and threatening calls from the defendants, whom he knew.

The man concluded that the callers were intoxicated, and left the club with some friends. Shortly after arriving home, the defendants barged in through the unlocked front door and attacked the victim.

Middleton, whom the victim knew as Little Monty, punched the occupant in the face before the pair ran through the house and into the back garden, where they climbed over the garden wall and fled.

The victim was traumatized by the attack and went to a friend’s house for a while before returning home. However, a short time later, Carter and Middleton returned with a baseball bat, hitting the victim in the head and arms as he tried to protect himself. Middleton punched a friend of the victim who was also present in the house, and the defendants then fled.

The attack was not reported to the police, and neither victim sought medical help. Two months later, the matter was reported following another incident involving Middleton, which did not result in any charges.

Middleton admitted going to the victim’s house with a baseball bat claiming that the occupant had ripped him off in a cocaine deal and that the target had knives and guns at the property.

Carter said he had gone to the house to buy cocaine after Middleton had nagged him to accompany him. He said the baseball bat was to be used to “intimidate” the occupant.

In an impact statement read to the court, the victim said he now takes anxiety medication because of the attack. He also revealed that he constantly relives the incident in his head and no longer feels safe in his own home. The victim found it difficult to live in the Sarn community after the attack as he was perceived as a “grass” rather than a victim.

Jonathan Middleton, 34, from Sarn, Bridgend, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and possession of an offensive weapon. Daniel Carter, 32, had also pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary.

They were both sentenced to four years in prison with a one-quarter discount for their guilty pleas. The defendants were each made the subject of 15-year restraining orders banning them from contacting their victim, posting anything on social media about him, or encouraging others to contact him or post about him.

»Two drunk men broke into Cardiff home and attacked owner with baseball bat«

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