Infinix’s 160w Fast Charging Concept Phone 2021

Infinix has continued to extend the frontier of smartphone development, with a shift towards enabling newer and better features for its everyday users. The innovative mobile brand has unveiled the first Infinix Concept Phone 2021 to teeming smartphone users to have a view of what it stands to offer.

The Infinix Concept Phone 2021 is designed with impressive features aimed at enabling customers to access their needs. A major takeaway from the invention is the 160W fast charging feature that charges the phone fully in 10minutes.

Fast Charging Innovation

The 160W charging feature is amplified via the Ultra-Fast Charge System [UFC], combined with a Super Charge Pump that converts voltage to the 4000mAh battery of low internal resistance. The phone charges fully – from 0-100% – in 10minutes.

Ultra-Fast Charge System

Infinix created the Ultra-Fast Charge system for the prototype around an 8C battery. Meanwhile, the Ultra-Fast Charge system is aided with an 18% low internal resistance battery, allowing the battery to charge quickly and reach 100% in 10 minutes.

A lot of phones charging rate varies with an indefinite time range, getting slower towards 90% – 100%. However, Infinix has created an alternative with a constant 10minutes full charge, beating other phones to charging stability.

Super Charge Pump

The efficiency of the Supercharge Pump is top-notch. It’s unified with four charging chips that convert voltages from the attached USB C Port to a voltage suitable for the battery itself.

The voltage is warped with a high conversion pump to align with the internal resistance of the battery. The efficiency of the Supercharge Pump prevents overloading and overheating that may result from a large current. The 160W fast charging is improved with the Super Charge Pump.

Low IR Battery

The 8C Battery cell is a 4,000mAh inbuilt battery. Whilst the battery cell is designed with a low resistance to accommodate fast charging, the 160W is delivered to the battery by an effective semiconductor charger built on Gallium Nitrate [GaN] and Silicon Carbide [SiC].

Additionally, the charger is compatible with multiple protocols, which means you can use it to charge a laptop as well.

Fast charging is essential for a battery at a range of 4000mAh because it’s worrying to have to wait much longer before your finish recharging your phone. The internal resistance of the 8C battery is inversely proportional to the voltage, causing a voltage rise to the battery with low internal resistance.

Temperature / Heat Sensor

Moving forward, the Infinix Concept Phone 2021 comprises 20 temperature sensors that discover and stabilize the phone temperature under 40°C. With that, the sensor can detect and measure temperature readings through electrical signals.

The temperature sensor monitors the temperature during charging, adjusting the charging power to prevent heat from the concept phone.

Security / Protective Measures

The Infinix Concept Phone 2021 is placed to counter adverse situations and other complications that may arise from the fast charging concept.

A security mechanism is needed for safety during abnormal scenarios. The Infinix phone concept 2021 security mechanism prevents adversity during the 160W fast charging. There are 60 security mechanism designed to prevent damages that can occur during charging such as electromagnetic interference or high voltage.

Other Features

The Infinix Phone Concept 2021 has other features that make smartphone users thrilled. Aside from its 160W Fast Charging prowess, the concept comprises the dual color changing panel, amazing designs at the extreme curvature at the sides, and a triple periscope lens.

Color Changing Panel

The dual colour charging panel is the most visible and intriguing part of the Infinix Phone Concept 2021. The back panel switches between silver grey and light blue colours when there’s an incoming call. While charging too, it changes colour and flashes in the middle of the device.


Designed with amazing curvature at the side, the 6.67 inch AMOLED Full HD+ panel is attached with an 88-degree curvature towards the left and right edges. Another fascinating part of the design is the back panel which captions a colour modification on the letter “O” at the centre. The illumination is backed by the electrochromic and electroluminescent design.

Optic Lens

A triple-lens is designed to deliver better experiences for the user’s preference. The triple camera system comprises a 64MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra wide camera with a 120° FOV, and an 8MP periscope telephoto camera. The Optic Lens is a bigger feature of the Infinix Phone Concept 2021.

The Infinix Concept Phone 2021 is a concept phone, which invariably still makes it a concept. It’s yet to be released. Infinix, one of the most prominent smart device producers among young people in emerging markets, simply unveiled its prospect with the Concept phone.

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