Indore: Indore farmer enjoys fruits of his labour: Rosy apples

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Indore’s agriculture is also growing as we become smarter and more diverse. From a shift to organic farming, we are now bringing diverse variety to fruit production in the city and state.

A farmer, Santosh Somatiya, from Indore planted saplings of apple trees in his farm located in Khudel village and is now enjoying the fruits of his labour.

He brought 16 apple saplings from Himachal Pradesh and changed a part of his farm into an apple orchard. Now, the saplings have turned into trees and produce 50 to 100 apples each.

“Six out of 16 saplings have matured and are now bearing fruit, which I count as an essential achievement,” Somatiya says.

Somatiya, who studied in Malharashram, Indore, adds, “The school education that I received motivated me to innovate and try something new.” He is looking forward to better business as the transport cost of apples have been slashed for him.

While people believed that apples can grow only on a high altitude, the recent developments and grafting have produced newer sub-species of the plant. Grafted apple fruit plant (hot climate variety) are easily available in the market now.