Indore: Highest number of cases found in January since the outbreak

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The graph of Covid-19 has taken a steep northward turn in January as the highest number of positive cases was reported since the outbreak of the disease. As many as 45,042 cases were reported in January, which is even more than the total number of cases reported during the peak of the second wave in April 2021. Moreover, over 3,000 cases were reported for four days in this month, while the highest number of six deaths was reported in a day in the third wave on January 29.

Initially, the number of daily cases was below 100, but it increased to over 3,000 daily cases of Covid-19, with the highest number of cases reported on January 22 (3,372 cases).

According to the records of the health department, August was the ‘best’ month in terms of cases of Covid-19 as the lowest number of 60 cases was found positive, while, after January 2022, the highest number of cases was reported in April 21 (42,363 cases).

As many as 3.05 lakh samples have been tested and the rate of positivity remains below 14.7 per cent, which was only 0.14 per cent in December.

33 deaths were also reported this month

§ Chief medical and health officer Dr BS Saitya said that patients with co-morbid conditions were succumbing to the disease

§ The main reason behind their death is their co-morbid condition and not Covid, the Chief medical and health officer further adde