Indore: Group of 40 riders including female riders visit Dongla Observatory

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): A group of 40 riders including three female riders has ridden to Dongla Observatory.

Gyandeep Srivastava, Group Admin of Ride of Dongla Observatory has said that this observatory has a major contribution in the whole world and we want to bring it to lime light for citizens of Madhya Pradesh.

Here the Tropic of Cancer and the Indian time line collide in ancient times, which give very accurate information.

The riders were mesmerised by India’s second largest telescope that is installed at the observatory. The telescope measures 0.5 metre and helps in the study of stars and planets.

The female riders Deepa Dubey, Nandini Verma, Sheetal Sharma felt more confident and happy with their riding skills by covering the distance of 90 kilometres alongside their male counterparts.

The observatory was developed by MP Council for Science and Technology and named after well-known archaeologist Dr Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar run by Acharya Varahmihir Trust.

There was a robotic telescope measuring 20 inches in the observatory. A CCD camera was joined with it, through which data of international standard is regularly collected here.

Observatory has a dome of 5 metres and height of 12.05 metres. Last year, i.e. in 2021, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated the auditorium that was a newly constructed observatory located at Dongla. This auditorium impressed the riders like many other visitors.

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