Illegal migrants are banned from claiming asylum in UK

Illegal migrants are banned from claiming asylum in UK

From today, illegal immigrants crossing the Channel will be banned from claiming asylum in the UK. The new legislation will only allow children and the gravely ill to stay in the country while their cases are considered. The rules will come into effect immediately, even though it may take months to pass the bill.

The legislation will also give Parliament the power to set an annual cap on the number of refugees accepted into the country.

Ministers have acknowledged that the initiative “pushes the boundaries” of international law, and critics have warned that the proposals are “unworkable” since the UK does not have anywhere safe to send the numbers who cross the Channel.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says that this new law will make sure that those who come to the country illegally will be swiftly removed.

Critics have said that the UK has nowhere safe to send the numbers who cross the Channel.

Landmark legislation is set to bar illegal arrivals from staying and applying on refugee, modern slavery or human rights grounds.

The PM is set to visit the South East as he promotes the blueprint.

A duty will be placed on the Home Secretary to remove, as soon as reasonably practicable, anyone who arrives on a small boat to either Rwanda or a “safe third country”.

In the new bill, small boat migrants will be barred from lodging asylum claims and stripped of the ability to launch human rights appeals.

Sources say that the British people have had enough and that the Prime Minister and Home Secretary are resolved to the action to be taken, with no ifs or buts.

Nearly all those who arrive by illegal routes can only appeal once they have been deported.

Two RAF bases in Lincolnshire and Essex are reportedly being purchased by the Home Office to house migrants waiting for deportation.

The full package of immigration measures is set to be unveiled by Mr Sunak and Mrs Braverman later today.

»Illegal migrants are banned from claiming asylum in UK«

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