Igbonine, Pan-Igbo Group, Seeks Equity, Dialogue in Handling of Igbo Agenda

Igbonine, Pan-Igbo Group, Seeks Equity, Dialogue in Handling of Igbo Agenda

Newly inaugurated Pan Igbo Socio-cultural Organization, Igbonine, has called on all well- meaning Igbo leaders, politicians, opinion molders, community advocates, social influencers and stakeholders to embrace dialogue, fairness, equity, and good conscience in tackling the issues relating to the Igbo agenda for effective outcome.

President General of Igbonine, High Chief Emeka Okonkwo, made the call in Abuja yesterday in a chat with journalists.

Chief Okonkwo said in pursuance of resolutions or solutions to the various challenges that currently plague the Igbo nation, stakeholders must learn to work in harmony with their counterparts across the Nigerian divide to arrive at practical solutions that would provide for symbiotic co-existence.
He said, the central objective of Igbonine Socio-cultural group is to champion the cause of Igbos through dialogue, friendship, understanding and application of all favorable dynamics without coercion or unnecessary friction noting that all Igbos both at home and in the diaspora are enjoined to join the Organization for actualization of what he termed the Igbo project.

“We are a socio-cultural Organization, non-partisan and rooting for fairness, equity, justice and ideals of freedom. That Igbonine complements other Igbo Organizations and aligns with Ohaneze Ndigbo. Igbonine will be found wherever Igbos are, as indigenes settlers, residents and in diaspora,” he said.
It would be recalled that the emergent Pan Igbo organization was unveiled recently in Enugu with Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Senate Minority Leader as Chairman of the occasion.

Senator Abaribe in his opening remarks stated that the Igbos have gone through a lot including a civil that claimed over three million soul in the process.
He said that though the Igbos are the largest domestic investors in Nigeria, most travelled people in Nigeria, the builders that hold Nigeria together; some people are trying to push the Igbos out of Nigeria.
He urged the Igbo to hold the peace and remain steadfast in their pursuit of peace and prosperous society anchored on the tenants of justice and equity.

Guest Speaker, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, speaking on the theme, “Igbos, what do we want”, stated that the Igbos are more Nigerian than anyone else noting that Ndigbo are at a cross road.

“Igbos, what do we need?
We should want what we need; resist war views, embrace persuasions, negotiate with others. Our elected representatives must overcome psychological defeat, by agitation for secession – legitimacy has become eroded,” he said.
Moghalu called on Ndi’Igbo to look inwards, eschew negative values and insist on power rotation to the South East come 2023 and focus on the candidate for the project.
“The political aspirations of the Igbo man is different from the welfare of the Igbos, Igbos must think differently, and Igbos must be very strategic,’’ he noted.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Igbonine Organization, Dr Denis Ekumankama (MFR) while thanking Senator Abaribe and Prof. Moghalu for their steadfastness towards the Igbo agenda, called on Ndi’Igbo both at home and in the Diaspora to remain watchful and support Igbonine in its quest to provide a veritable platform for the Igbo nation.

“Our mission is to be a catalyst for the realization of global Igbo unity, action and prosperity as well as the promotion of the universal values of humanity, fundamental human rights, equity, justice and fair play not only for the Igbos but also for the generality of mankind,’’ the BOT Chairman said.

Sir Benito Mac Ozigbo.
Director of Publicity,
Igbonine Organization.
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