“If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re my enemy,” said George Lopez

“If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re my enemy,” said George Lopez

George Lopez opposes dragging through the mud the supposed former drag queen alter ego of politician George Santos.

On Thursday, the 61-year-old comic appeared on “The View” and weighed in on the topic of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing the “Don’t Say Gay” bill last year.

After Ana Navarro expressed her support for drag performers, Lopez condemned anti-drag prejudice.

Lopez stated, “If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re my enemy.”

The discussion began after host Joy Behar, age 80, Navarro, age 51, and cohost Sara Haines, age 45, mused on the reported history of disgraced conservative politician George Santos as a drag queen in Brazil. Santos was rumored to have used the alias Kitara Ravache when he donned his spectacular disguise. Since then, Santos, 34, the first openly homosexual Republican to earn a seat in the House, has rejected this assertion.

Navarro claimed that the criticism of Santos’ history as a drag queen is unrelated to drag.

While residing in Brazil, Republican Congressman George Santos allegedly posed as Kitara Ravache, a drag queen.

“Listen, I’m sorry, but this has me laughing incessantly. I adore drag queens, I am a drag hag, we saw a drag event last weekend, and I am always defending drag queens. “This has nothing to do with drag queens; it has everything to do with hypocrisy,” stated Navarro.

“When [Santos] was running for office, he posted on Facebook his support for the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law in Florida, and he’s aligned himself with a party that has turned drag queens into a manufactured cultural wedge issue, so it’s endless lies,” she continued.

George Lopez is not unfamiliar with television. In addition to his recent appearance on The View, the outspoken comedian co-stars with his daughter Mayan in the NBC family sitcom “Lopez vs. Lopez.”

The actors portray a once estranged father and daughter who attempt reconciliation.

Mayan, 26, and Lopez’s real-life dynamic, in which they were separated for an extended length of time, is mirrored on the show.

The actress revealed that TikTok helped her reconnect with her father and rebuild their relationship.

“About two years ago, I prepared a TikTok video in response to someone making accusations about some of our family relationships… My father’s infidelity, my mother’s donation of a kidney to him, and their subsequent divorce.”

She noted that her showrunner, Debby Wolfe, was putting off working on TikTok, so they “got together” for the sitcom.

Mayan stated, “I’ve been in therapy for many years and I thought I’d teach my character something, but she’s actually teaching me a lot about how to communicate with my father with authority.”

Regarding her relationship with Lopez, she stated, “I believe some wounds never heal.” “[Working together] has not been simple, but it has been incredibly therapeutic. I believe that the past is in the past and that we can build a brighter future together.”


»“If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re my enemy,” said George Lopez«

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