I want perkier boobs till my implant ruptured through my chest

I want perkier boobs till my implant ruptured through my chest

Add this to the list of cosmetic surgery nightmares realized.

Kennedy News reported that a 48-year-old London woman had a scare when her breast implant nearly slipped off her chest following a normal repair treatment.

Kelly Young, from New Malden, underwent surgery in the United Kingdom over 25 years ago to increase her cup size to a DD.

In general, physicians suggest patients to have their implants updated every 10 years. As is typical for implants, the one on Young’s right side ruptured in 2018.

Young told Kennedy News: “It wasn’t a problem, but when I laid down, my right breast shifted to the side more than the left.” “I figured I’d liven them up a bit. I underwent a facelift with new implants.”

Young elected to undergo her second surgery in Turkey in September of last year, when she paid approximately $4,500 (£3,500) — the “cheapest” option, she admits. However, it wasn’t long before Young discovered she wasn’t mending, and she was shocked to find pus leaking from the cut on the underside of her right breast.

Closer inspection revealed that the implant was clearly visible through her scar.

“It was literally hanging out,” claimed Young, who sought medical attention in England. Antibiotics were provided to combat the infection, but she still needed to address the faulty implant.

In November, she boarded the first airplane she could to return to Turkey. Young stated, “I was advised not to fly, but it was my decision so I chose to return.” “I had to board the airline with my implant protruding. I was terrified.”

The surgeon claimed to have cleaned away the infection and replaced the 420cc implants with a lesser size after she arrived in Turkey.

Young assumed her nightmare was finished, but in December she discovered yet another tear in her breast. She was saddened to find that she must have both implants removed permanently.

Young admitted that since losing her implants, her confidence has dropped and she is now taking antidepressants. “I’m extremely dissatisfied with them,” she admitted. “I once again feel like a 12-year-old. I don’t let my partner see me because everyone knows my breasts.”

“I desired to leap off a cliff,” she elaborated. “I have three sets of scars and a flat chest. I feel like a different person.”

Young still anticipates receiving implants in the future. She argued, “I have to get them done, or I won’t be able to wear a bikini this summer, which would be a nightmare.”

Young has stated that she does not feel like herself without the implants.
Kennedy Media and News

She spent approximately $7,500 on her two revision operations, as well as travel and lodging.

The Londoner, who works as a chauffeur in addition to caring for her two children, also recommended others interested in plastic surgery to thoroughly research the medical procedure beforehand.

“People must conduct research, consider all the potential complications, and avoid paying in cash, as you have more rights if you use a credit card,” added Young.


»I want perkier boobs till my implant ruptured through my chest«

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