I revolted TikTok by opening the refrigerator for the first time in three years: “Relax!”

I revolted TikTok by opening the refrigerator for the first time in three years: “Relax!”

It was a portent of the icebox apocalypse.

A woman outraged TikTok by displaying the foul contents of a refrigerator that had remained unopened for three years. On TikTok, a video describing the gag-inducing finding has received over 71,4 million views.

Auri Kananen, 29, captions the dramatic home makeover video: “This refrigerator hasn’t been opened in three years.” The Finland-based housekeeper is known as the “Queen Of Cleaning” on social media for capturing her dirtiest duties, including “extra dirty” sinks, feces-infested toilets, and other horror shows from homes that have fallen into disrepair.

In one of the grime-most popular fighter tutorials, she tackles a refrigerator in an abandoned home that hasn’t been opened in three years.

Auri Kananen, age 29, prepares to confront the refrigerator from hell: “Calm down, it’s just a refrigerator,” she tells her scared TikTok audience.

Kananen, armed with gloves and a facemask, unlocks the refrigerator to uncover horrifyingly rotten food reminiscent of “The Walking Dead.”

The remediation expert then removes the contents one by one, displaying a shriveled brown yogurt carton, deteriorating eggs, and a packet containing mud-colored ham bits that have fused together, according to Jam Press.

Kananen writes in the caption that she “loves it” despite the seemingly daunting task. Then, with the zeal of an archaeologist unearthing a long-lost artifact, she vigorously scrubs the filth from the refrigerator.

By the end, the interior of the icebox sparkles like it was just purchased from a home improvement store.

The video amazed and terrified TikTok users, with one horrified user commenting, “Not holding my breath.”

One user commented, “I’d be wearing full protective gear before cleaning this,” while another wrote, “girl, please wear a hamzat suit.”

One TikTok user offered, “I would just buy a new refrigerator at this point,” to which Kananen responded, “BORING.”

She even instructs her fans to “calm down” because “it’s just a refrigerator” in the post.

The job may seem disgusting, but as it turns out, grime apparently pays. According to Net Influencer, Kananen’s videos have gained her sponsorships with sponge firm Scrub Daddy and an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

The super cleaner also responds to requests from her social media followers, like offering a free cleaning to a woman whose husband committed suicide, leaving her with three children.

“Many people send me emails requesting my assistance, so I go there, clean, and then film it,” said Kananen, who has 2.3 million Instagram followers.

People cleaning may seem like a bother to most, but not to the scrubbing genius. “The dirtier something is, the better it is, so if I see something extremely dirty, I will love it.”

She claims that her ultimate goal is to “prove to the entire world that cleaning can be fun and seductive.”


»I revolted TikTok by opening the refrigerator for the first time in three years: “Relax!”«

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