“I can’t stop, it feels so good,” says police accused of raping Bumble woman

“I can’t stop, it feels so good,” says police accused of raping Bumble woman

After she responded, “We are not having sex,” a police officer accused of raping the businesswoman while assaulting her allegedly added, “I can’t stop, it feels so amazing.”

PC A mother in her 30s who is a defendant in the trial at Winchester Crown Court is alleged to have been raped at home in October 2020 by David Longden-Thurgood of Waterlooville, Hampshire.

The long-serving Hampshire police officer reportedly “wasn’t prepared to accept no for an answer” on their first date, according to testimony in court.

Police constable accused of raping woman he met on Bumble told her 'I can't stop, it feels so good'

The female testified in court that the 49-year-old would not stop raping her despite her warnings, saying instead: “I can’t stop, It feels so good.”

After they met on the Bumble dating app, the complainant told the jury that she exchanged sexually explicit texts with the 49-year-old defendant.

She said that among the communications was one in which Longden-Thurgood sent her a picture of his erect penis.

She said they sat on a couch together with her legs on top of Longden-Thurgood after deciding to have him over to her house.

She said they started kissing while watching television, and she advised them to watch the sexual abuse-themed TV show Outcry.

The complainant said that when the defendant placed his hand under her t-shirt, she removed her bra.

Longden-Thurgood allegedly attempted to remove her pants while they were still kissing, but she stopped him and stated, “We are not having sex.”

They kept kissing when he removed his hands, and she agreed, until she suggested they go upstairs for a cuddle in bed.

As they ascended, she informed him, “I said no funny stuff,” to which he responded, “OK.”

The lady, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said that before they shared a bed, she undressed to only a t-shirt and underwear and the defendant to just his boxer shorts.

She said that they engaged in “passionate” kissing as he stroked her body closely and took off both his boxer shorts and the rest of her clothing.

I was laying there and enjoying it, the mother said, adding that she was “participating and enthusiastic.”

She claimed to the court that the defendant was not touched by her. She continued by saying that she had informed the defendant she was not interested in having sex once the sexual contact began.

She said in court, “I stated “we are not having sex” at that point after he got out of bed and removed his boxer shorts.”

Don’t worry, we won’t have sex, the defendant said, according to testimony given earlier.

But according to prosecutor Rebecca Fairbairn, the defendant then pierced the complainant “without warning.”

The lady testified in court on the alleged rape, saying that the PC had entered her while they were having a sexual encounter but that she had not yet objected.

According to testimony given in court, she refrained from confronting him out of fear that she would wake up her kids.

If they had been awakened that night, she said, “It was anything they may have seen.”

The complainant said that when she again expressed her desire for no sex, he responded, “I can’t stop, it feels so nice.”

She said that she left him thereafter but returned to the bed with him after approximately two minutes.

She said, “I guess I was in shock at that point. I had no idea what to do or how to get out of the predicament I was in.”

“I was stunned. I wished he would leave my home.

The trial for Longden-Thurgood, a Hampshire Constabulary police officer with 19 years of experience, is still ongoing.

»“I can’t stop, it feels so good,” says police accused of raping Bumble woman«

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