I believed my son had died 12 years ago, but then a miracle occurred

I believed my son had died 12 years ago, but then a miracle occurred

The mother of a missing son awaited her Christmas miracle for twelve long years.

After her son went missing over a decade ago, the Scottish mother Joyce Curtis believed he had perished. Curtis hadn’t heard from her son Nicholas since he vanished in 2010, and she assumed he had passed away until she received a phone call on December 19 alerting her that her pride and pleasure had been discovered in a hospital in France.

Curtis told SWNS that he could not believe the “miraculous” reunion. “I had accepted the truth that he had passed away. I truly believed that, and I believe everyone else did as well.”

She said, “It’s similar to the film Miracle on 34th Street. It is like to a miracle.”

The heartbreaking narrative began in the early 2000s, when a Glasgow native abandoned his job as a construction worker and embarked on a trip around Europe. Nicholas disclosed to his mother that he had been hitchhiking, and his mother feared that he was living in squalor on the dangerous streets of Paris, France.

Concerned parent Curtis reported her son missing in 2009 after “not hearing from him in ages and years” during his pan-European trek.

SWNS reported that a year after her report, the British Consulate called her to advise her that Nicholas was still alive.

“In 2010, I received a letter informing me that Nicholas was hospitalized in France,” Curtis explained, adding that she and her husband immediately rushed to Paris to visit him.

This was the last time the Scot would see her children for twelve years. The sad mother bemoaned, “We were getting him home, but for some reason, I don’t know why, he just left again.” I was informed that they were sending him home and that he was boarding an aircraft.

“I was anticipating his return to Glasgow at a specific time,” Curtis said, adding that during her trip to Paris she had purchased him shoes and other travel attire for his return journey.

The anticipative mother waited at the hospital where she worked, but Nicholas “never made it home.”

“I remember it was pouring rain that day,” the terrified parent recalled. I called every airport to see whether he had boarded a flight, but to no avail.

The Glaswegian said, “I did not hear from him again until Monday.”

That day, the British Consulate informed Curtis for the second time that Nicholas was alive and had been readmitted to a French hospital, á la “Groundhog Day.” However, the nature of the man’s illness was not specified.

“When I received the phone call that he was still alive, I was in complete disbelief,” said the ecstatic mother. “All I did all day was cry.”

The relived mom stated that she was certain her child had perished alongside “Covid and everything that has transpired” and that she had even “cried for him.”

Curtis was ecstatic to speak with her son after a ten-year separation. “We spoke on the telephone. “He appears healthy,” she stated. “I asked him, ‘Nikky, are you coming home?’ And he replied, “Aye.”

She continued, “I cannot fathom what he has through. I just need to get him home.”

Curtis is willing to come to Paris to see Nicholas, presumably to prevent another painful instance of déjà vu. Nicholas plans to return home.

In addition, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office has committed assistance. A spokeswoman stated, “We are supporting a British man in France and assisting his family.” We are in communication with local authorities.


»I believed my son had died 12 years ago, but then a miracle occurred«

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