I am extremely proud of my little son for discovering obscene video on his iPad

I am extremely proud of my little son for discovering obscene video on his iPad

He is a proud father.

A father caught his child being mischievous in an unexpected manner. The moment Warren Tansey confronted his 6-year-old son Acer for downloading a pornographic image of a “bunny chick” to his iPad was captured on tape by Tansey.

Warren was hysterical in a now-viral Twitter video with almost 50,000 views after discovering a video of a scantily dressed lady doing “stop, drop, and roll” in an incredibly sexy manner.

The woman in the video wore micro shorts, a skin-tight crop top, and, of course, bunny ears as she wiggled her hips and sank low.

“When I first observed it, I considered it amusing. It’s not overly offensive, but it’s borderline,” the Greater Manchester father told Kennedy News about the video.

“While I was with him, I decided to put it on to catch him off guard and question him a little. His response was hilarious.”

The mischievous 6-year-old denied downloading the obscene video.
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Warren believed it would be great to video his son’s reaction, since he considered the circumstance amusing.
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Instead of disciplining his inquisitive child, Warren humiliated him on TV, allowing Acer the opportunity to confess on his own.

“You added this to your iPad,” Warren’s kid was charged in a video that went viral.

The child first pled the fifth and denied intentionally storing the footage, refusing to explain if he considered the woman attractive while his father urged him.

“You are a liar!” shouted Warren. “You’ve saved it on your camera roll because you enjoy it.”

Acer maintained his position and deflected the inquiry by stating, “It simply came up.”

The footage, intended for “a chuckle,” was posted online by Warren because he “thought it would be hilarious to share it,” and he was correct: the prankster received thousands of views online.

Despite the guilty smile on Acer’s face, he maintained his innocence.
Kennedy Media and News

The provocative film depicted a scantily clad lady seductively practicing the fire safety practice “stop, drop, and roll.”
Kennedy Media and News

Fortunately, Acer’s mother, 39-year-old Danielle Redikin, also found the episode amusing.

“He was embarrassed when I asked him about it, so he must have enjoyed it. He was thrilled to see it.” “He must have enjoyed the way the girl looked in it,” the father stated. He attempted to evade responsibility by claiming he couldn’t have videotaped it; he is obviously more mature than his years.

Two days prior to confronting Acer on camera on Sunday, the observant father of two noticed the obscene tape.

In the Twit Pic comments area, male commenters lauded the child as an incredible “legend,” apparently deeming the unusual parenting moment to be the pinnacle of hilarity.

A TikToker said, “What a stud of a child he is!”

Another person praised the boy’s selection, stating, “Excellent taste.”

“Legend,” someone else simply remarked.

TikTokers considered the video to be humorous, praising the little boy’s selection in ladies.


»I am extremely proud of my little son for discovering obscene video on his iPad«

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