How to make the relationship with your dog better

How to make the relationship with your dog better

As a dog lover, we tend to spend time with our non-human best friend. But like humans, everyone has their limits. Like your best friend will reject some behavior from you, man’s best friends also have their limits. Below are some list of what not to do with your dog and what to do.

Dont sleep on the same bed with them

This is not about being proud or humble, it is simply not advisable to sleep in the same space with them, because they confuse your authority in the house. They consider you family and part of their pack, that is why you must show yourself as the leader, so that your orders are taken into account and not ignored.

Dog routines

It is important to put your dogs under routines. It naturally disciplines them and make your relationship with them even stronger. Dogs work under a routine of feeding, time to go to the bathroom, walk, naps, among other habits. You’ll soon start noticing that anytime you forget any of their routine, they come to you wagging their tail, saying in dog’s language that its time for the next routine.

Respect their privacy when they are eating

No one likes to be disturbed when sending in some delicious meal and it’s the same with dogs. While the dogs eat, you should not approach. As much as they love you, they can react under their territorial instincts, as is the case of defending their food so let the eating dog eat.

Feed dogs with dog food

Try not to give your dog human food, they are not that used to our food. Besides, making them understand that their food is different than yours makes them respect your kitchen. Else, you may come home to a bad kitchen due to your cute dog trying to fix itself some dinner.

Get your dog exercised

Like they say, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. This also applies to dogs, even more. It’s been said that dog’s intelligence is like that of a 2 years old and all 2 years olds like to play. So take your dog out for a walk, they too get bored with the routine and need to exercise to avoid being overweight, anxious and stressful.

Reward your dogs

Dogs both love and learn with rewards. So when they obey you or do something right, make sure you reward them then and there. Before long, you’ll realize they keep getting better at being a good member of your family.

Don’t chain your dog

Give your dog the freedom everyone wants. No one wants to be tied down, that also applies to dogs. So let them run around the house and feel at home. It makes them love and trust you even more.

By training your dog you are not only improving his behavior, but you are helping to foster a bond of trust and affection between the two of you. Also, remember that this training is a temporary teaching process, its duration is subject to the time the dog takes to learn the specific behavior or trick that is desired. In the future you will see how your dog looks happier, more sociable, with less stress and with more affinity with you.

You should never hit, mistreat, punish, or do any type of activity that compromises the dog’s health. That is no longer training, but mistreatment and abuse of the animal. Remember that your dog is one more member that deserves respect and love within the family, as it will give you happiness and faithful company.

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