How To Know If It Is A One-Sided Love and How To Deal With The Situation

Unrequited love is love that is not reciprocated by the other person in a relationship. It occurs when one partner in a relationship does not reciprocate affection or emotional feelings. It’s a one-sided experience that can leave us feeling hurt, angry, or ashamed.

You might believe it’s simple to determine if love isn’t reciprocated, but it’s not always so, and it can lead to a lot of uncertainty and mental suffering.

Unrequited love has been romanticized in many films and books. Stories of a person’s love for another person are mocked. However, this individual continues to be humiliated and damaged.

How You Know It Is One-Love

There are many signs of unrequited love. Here are a few;

1. This person may not know you exist or the feelings you have for them

2. Most of the good you do for them is unacknowledged or treated with triviality

3. They don’t act like they are accountable to you

4. They introduce you as a friend and freely tell you about dinner or film dates with others

5. If you are in a s3xual relationship, you feel used afterward

6. You have more conversations in your head with this person than actual conversations

7. This person is in your daydreams as a romantic and attentive lover

How To Heal From Unrequited Love

One of the most painful experiences we can have as human beings is loving someone who doesn’t love us back. It can lead to intense sadness and sometimes people develop an aversion to love because of their experiences with unrequited love.

You are not the problem

There is the tendency to think you are not good enough because the person you love refuses to love you back. It is important to know that their inability to love you back or the way you should be loved is not your problem.

Allow yourself to mourn the loss of a relationship that you thought you have.

Most times, you are so appalled by your apparent blindness to the red flags you observed in the relationship that you quickly want to move on. In getting over a lost love on one side love, you can’t rush things.

Say what needs to be said

I once dated someone who blew hot and cold. I wasn’t sure if he reciprocated my feelings or not. So one day I asked him and he told me he wasn’t ready for the type of love I wanted. This conversion freed me and him.

Don’t grovel or beg

Respect yourself when this person shows and tells you they don’t return your feelings. We may battle feelings of low self-esteem after someone shows us they don’t want to be in a relationship with us. Don’t stalk them, don’t disrespect yourself by waiting around for them to change their mind.

Love happens to us not just in relationships but in life. Sometimes you love a dress so much and dreamed of owning it, but when you wear it, it just won’t fit.

And there is nothing you can do about

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