How to Find Daily Trading Opportunities for Options?

How to Find Daily Trading Opportunities for Options?

If you are into options intraday trading, you may relate to the struggle of finding new trading opportunities every day. Going through daily news updates in the global business scenario may be a good starting point. However, you cannot solely rely only on that to find option trading ideas.

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Don’t worry, as after reading this article you will never run out of trading ideas. Here we talk about five methods you can adopt to find your next options for trading. 

How to Find Option Trading Ideas?

The first step to finding option trading opportunities is to create a trading plan. The idea is to develop your market outlook and decide how to trade it. 

Then, you can leverage the tools and facilities provided by your broker to find new trading ideas every day. Here are five ways to land on your next option trading idea.

  • Follow the Market Outlook

A great way to find trade ideas is according to the market outlook. Decide whether you hold a bearish, bullish or neutral outlook on the market depending on the current situation. Now you can focus on finding option contracts on a trading platform that suits your market outlook. For example, if you have a bearish outlook, you can focus on an option that can benefit you the same.

Reputed brokers like Dhan provide a dedicated section to find trade ideas based on market outlook. 

  • Observe Live Market Scan

Another way to find trade opportunities is to observe the live market scan. It provides a real-time stream of option market data including price breakouts and trends. You may choose to follow a specific trend you observe or ride on the price movement of the market on eligible option contracts using strategies. 

  • Use Option Screener

When you observe options minutely, it will help you discover new trading ideas. Screeners utilize technical indicators such as Volume gainers, Price gainers, Price losers, OI gainers, and OI losers. You can filter the available option contracts using these indicators to find a potentially profitable trading opportunity. 

  • Check Option Chain

Option chains are a great way to discover new trading ideas. When you pick an underlying asset you want to trade, the option chain showcases all available option contracts for that asset including pricing information and expiration date. Thus, you can observe the live option chain and find much better trading opportunities for your next options trade.

  • Conduct Option Analysis

Most reputed broker platforms offer access to technical graphs where you can observe the performance of a particular option contract. You can analyze the profit, loss, risk, and reward policy of an option with payoff graphs. 

Additionally, you can apply option greeks to measure the sensitivity of option prices. Thus, you will be able to find option contracts that show consistent and promising performance. 


It might be difficult for traders to find potentially profitable trading ideas in options intraday trading. You can follow the aforementioned methods to ensure that you never run out of option trading ideas. Dhan provides a range of screeners, indicators, and graphs based on your market outlook to help you discover new trading opportunities every day. 

»How to Find Daily Trading Opportunities for Options?«

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