How To Check Npower Deployment 2021 Batch C Stream 1

How To Check Npower Deployment 2021 Batch C Stream 1

Visit to access the NASIMS dashboard.

The npower NASIMS deployment tab is selected.

You’ll see your primary assignment location, as well as his or her monthly stipend and PPA letter, which you can download right away (see attached screenshot).

Obtain a copy of the PPA/deployment letter.
within three days of the date of printout, deliver the deployment letter to your assigned supervisor at your primary assignment.

Your documents will be screened by an assigned supervisor, who will mark them as accepted or rejected.

You must re-upload the acceptance letter to your NASIMS portal if you are accepted.

Please bring all of the documents you uploaded to the Npower NASIMS 2021 portal with you to your PPA.

All Npower applicants should be aware that not everyone who passed the NASIMS Test was selected for the Npower batch c deployment.

As a result, we recommend that you check your npower shortlist status / selection.

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