How The West Influences Dressing Habit Of Married Igbo Women

How The West Influences Dressing Habit Of Married Igbo Women

Married women in Igbo land are usually identified by their way of dressing.

They tie two pieces of same wrapper round their waist with the inner one longer than the outer on a blouse covering the upper region of their bodies.


However, in this modern age, the trend seems to have changed as most married women especially the young ones now prefer western outfits to the traditional ones.


Correspondent Emmanuel Chigbata reports that before now in Igbo land, any woman seen tying wrapper is automatically considered as a married woman.


However, recent studies have it that ninety percent of married women in Igbo land no more tie wrapper while the remaining ten percent, who still tie and value wrapper are mostly women in the rural areas, especially the older ones.


Previously, no married woman will attend women meetings or functions such as traditional marriage, burial ceremony and other cultural events, without double wrapper on a blouse, but today reverse has become the case as other forms of western dressing are now preferred by the women.


Today, identifying a married Igbo woman is no longer feasible except in some rare occasions because majority of them now prefer putting on skirts, trousers, gown and others.


On what cultural and social organizations are doing to restore Igbo culture, Mrs. Fidelia Anikwata of Umuifite village Agulu and Mrs. Chioma Nebeife suggested ways of arresting the ugly drift.