Homeless vagrant refuses to leave Los Angeles porch

Homeless vagrant refuses to leave Los Angeles porch

After the cops ‘did nothing’ to get the homeless guy off the homeowner’s porch in Los Angeles, she is worried for her safety.

Approximately 10 times this month, according to Van Nuys homeowner Shacola Thompson, the homeless guy has curled up on her patio furniture.

When Thompson discovered graffiti on her porch on Sherman Way and Hazeltine Avenue, she first became aware of strange activities outside her house. The unnamed guy could be seen relaxing on her outside sofa when she was able to glance via her front door camera.

Thompson told ABC 7 that “he came to my home yesterday morning and attempted to break in.” “I’m worried about my safety,” you say.

She subsequently added, “He might come in.” “He could hurt me.” He may use a bogart to get into my home. It’s not right.

Thompson’s front door camera caught many instances when police arrived to confront the individual.

According to Thompson, “He informed police yesterday that he lived here, but he does not reside here.”

The homeless guy continues turning up despite many efforts to call the cops.

Thompson said, “I just feel like they’re not taking this seriously.” They don’t seem to be concerned about my safety. I’m a local. It’s just me.

The Los Angeles Police Department was contacted by DailyMail.com for a comment, but they weren’t immediately accessible.

When Thompson left for work one morning at approximately 8 a.m., she first spotted the guy standing on her doorstep.

She begged the police to assist her, but they refused since she was familiar with the guy who kept knocking on her door.

An officer earlier questioned Thompson via the webcam, “Do you know this person.”

I don’t know who he is. I don’t know this person. He has been exploring this area. I have to phone him twice a day to log them. He wrote on my wall.

The individual is shown in one of the videos being approached by police and then being handcuffed.

An officer can be heard urging the guy to “get up, let’s leave” while he is sitting on the patio chair with garbage next to him.

It is unknown whether the guy has subsequently come back.

The homeless man’s potential for doing bad things is what makes Thompson afraid of him.

A homeless guy in Los Angeles pulled a young lady into a private garage earlier this year, where he “almost raped her” before she was able to flee. The incident was caught on security video.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the suspect attempted to break into another woman’s apartment 20 minutes later but left when she shouted.

In the first instance, the guy was seen on security video, which ABC 7 first acquired, grabbing the lady by the arm as they were walking through the West Hollywood district, where houses often sell for $1.5 million apiece.

Around 12.30 p.m., he then took her into the garage of a stranger’s house in the 800 block of North Vista Street, close to Melrose Avenue.

A little while later, the lady can be seen escaping from the garage in a hurry. She then took out running in search of assistance.

The unnamed individual is then spotted leaving the garage again.

»Homeless vagrant refuses to leave Los Angeles porch«

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