Home and Away’s Justin frantically searches for his daughter, Ava

Home and Away’s Justin frantically searches for his daughter, Ava

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In this episode of Home and Away, Justin goes into a frenzy after his daughter, Ava, goes missing.


He involves the whole town in his search efforts.

But while Justin and others are worried about Ava’s whereabouts, she sneaks into Theo’s bedroom and takes a sultry photo of herself wearing his shirt.

Leah later catches her in the act.

The search for Ava leads Justin to find her at home with Leah.

Theo discovers Ava is his stalker
Theo discovers Ava is his stalker

He’s relieved, but outraged that he had half the town out searching for her.

Meanwhile, Kirby finds out about Ava’s obsession with Theo and discovers that she is the stalker behind the I<3Theo campaign. She reveals everything to Theo, showing him Ava’s scrapbook filled with pages of photos and drawings.


Leah insists that Justin should know the truth.

Justin is heartbroken when he learns the truth about Ava, realizing that she didn’t come to Summer Bay to build a relationship with him.

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Ava claims she is over Theo and only hid the scrapbook in humiliation.

Gabe discovers his cancer has spread
Gabe discovers his cancer has spread

Moved by Ava’s vulnerability, Justin welcomes her to stay longer.

In other storylines, Rose and Mali’s love bubble is interrupted when Mali’s sister, Elandra, arrives.

Gabe breaks the news to Mackenzie that his cancer has spread and he doesn’t want to pursue treatment.

Ziggy advises Gabe, who gives Mackenzie a glimmer of hope that he will get treatment.

Nikau tries adjusting to friendship with Bella.


Bella cancels her farewell party, but heads to Nikau’s and explains that she just couldn’t find a way to say goodbye to him again, leading to an emotional reunion for the couple.

Nikau makes a romantic proposal to move to New York with her, but Tane warns him not to trust love.

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Realizing his mistake, Tane packs Nikau’s bags for New York, and they chase down Bella’s car.

Meanwhile, Lyrik are eager to get back to gigging now that Remi no longer has his brace, but he leaves the stage midway during a performance due to pain in his hand.

Nikau tries adjusting to friendship with Bella
Nikau tries adjusting to friendship with Bella

Eden saves the day by singing the song she wrote about Cash, and they share a passionate kiss.

Lastly, Dean discovers that Amber has taken a job in Far North Queensland, and he will be a 21-hour drive away from his son.


This episode is filled with drama, with Ava’s obsession with Theo taking center stage.


The search for her shows how much Justin cares for his daughter, but the truth about her stalker behavior shatters his world.

Nikau and Bella reunite
Nikau and Bella reunite

Gabe’s news also brings a somber note to the episode, as it highlights the pain of losing a loved one.

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The love triangle between Nikau, Bella, and Tane also takes an unexpected turn, with Tane realizing his mistake and making things right.

Lastly, Dean’s situation shows the reality of the struggles of single parenthood and how far one is willing to go to be with their child.

Overall, this episode has all the elements of a classic Home and Away drama.


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