Here’s what you need to know about ergonomic gaming chairs

Here’s what you need to know about ergonomic gaming chairs

Who has not spent the wee hours playing LoL, CoD, WoW, or another game that we get hooked on? We spend so many nights finishing our games that the next day we forget that a good back or neck pain awaits us.

However, it can be avoided, it is just a matter of taking a look at the gaming chairs that guarantee quality and comfort . Of course, it is not easy to choose between so much diversity, so we present some information that will help you in this task.

How to select a gaming chair to play on PC or console?

We have to recognize that gamer chairs are wonderful, since they are designed to be seated for long periods of time, and of course, they guarantee to take care of our back, neck and lower back. A genius invention!

As you spend more time on the PC, you need more vertical support to maintain a neutral posture while leaning on the chair, although sometimes you may want to lean back to relax your lower back. Therefore, a backrest and lumbar tension control are important when choosing a gaming chair for PC.

On the other hand, when playing on the console we have two options: the rocker or the pedestal . Rocker chairs are those that are on the ground and have an L shape, they are perfect for comfort rather than posture. Also, we have the pedestal chairs that sit slightly off the ground.

Why should we choose ergonomic gaming chairs?

The first thing we always keep in mind is comfort, after all, you don’t want your back and neck to torture you in the middle of a gamer tournament. This is where the curtains for ergonomics open; since it is responsible for adapting the products based on human psychology and physiology.

In the case of gaming chairs, this means designing chairs to improve comfort and maintain physical well-being . Most of them possess ergonomic features to varying degrees: adjustable armrests, lumbar support pads, headrest, and more.

The popularity that ergonomic gaming chairs have gained is due to nothing less than health, as they greatly reduce back pain and improve blood flow . Of course, none of this would be possible if we do not maintain good posture; experts advise modifying the position in which we are sitting from time to time. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the ergonomic design for ease of adjustment.

Some tips that you should not forget when choosing your gaming chair

These tips can help you gain more security when choosing your gaming chair, so keep an eye on the following:

Reviews on the internet of customers who have bought the best gaming chairs, this can be consulted in forums, on Amazon, social networks, tutorials or in different YouTube analyzes.

Guarantee. It is important that the company that offers you the gamer chair provides you with a guarantee for any factory failure.

Material in the composition of the chair, its measurements, the weight of the chair. Also, take into account the foam material used for the seat cushion, as it will be what you will use most often.

Recline position. Does it allow you to recline up to 180 degrees? Remember to vary your position, it is not healthy to sit at 90 degrees all day. Additionally, it would be great if it has lumbar support and headrest to avoid any pain in the future.

Armrests. Can they be removed, raised or lowered? You should at least make sure they have padding for comfort.