Hen Party Horror: 22-Year-Old Mum Collapses and Seizes After Drink Spiking

Hen Party Horror: 22-Year-Old Mum Collapses and Seizes After Drink Spiking

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

A 22-year-old mother’s hen party in Dublin turned into a terrifying nightmare after she collapsed and had seizures, allegedly due to having her drink spiked in a club.


Aimee, the victim, remembers coming back from the bar with a drink and suddenly starting to act very strange.

Her friends noticed that she was acting weirdly and her eyes were flicking.

One of her friends took her to the toilet and she suddenly collapsed on the floor.

Aimee ended up with a serious concussion caused by her head banging against the toilet floor as she had several fits.

Her friends called an ambulance, but her heart had stopped by the time it arrived.

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Doctors later found out that she had a lethal dose of ketamine in her system.


Aimee still has no idea who put the ketamine in her drink or why.

She is now calling for more awareness of the dangers of drink spiking, as she is suffering from knock-on health problems from her hen party nightmare that doctors have told her could be with her for life.

Aimee thinks that if she had been someone with heart problems, she would have died instantly.

She was also told by doctors that if she had not had her friend who knew how to perform CPR, she would be dead.

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Her heart stopped for the first time at 11 pm, and she does not know when the ambulance was called, but they arrived at 2 am.

What should have been a fun night out in the Irish capital turned into a nightmare.

Aimee is rarely going out anyway because of the demands of looking after her two-year-old daughter.

Aimee’s hen party nightmare shows the devastating effects of drink spiking, and how it can easily happen to anyone.


Her experience emphasizes the importance of being vigilant when out socializing, and being aware of the risks associated with accepting drinks from strangers.

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