Hellmann’s has launched a new “smart jar”

Hellmann’s has launched a new “smart jar”

Hellmann’s has launched a new “smart jar” that uses heat-sensitive ink to display hidden messages and graphics, revealing whether the fridge temperature is too warm.

The label is designed to help reduce food waste, as any food stored above five degrees Celsius can spoil more quickly, including mayonnaise.

The label was unveiled to coincide with Food Waste Action Week 2023 and was created by illustrator Ellen Porteus.

Recent research by food waste charity WRAP found that the average fridge temperature in the UK is seven degrees Celsius, above the optimum temperature of three to five degrees Celsius.

Foods such as milk, fruit, and vegetables last longer when stored at lower temperatures.

Conversely, temperatures above eight degrees Celsius can cause harmful bacteria to grow on stored food.

Rachel Chambers of Hellmann’s explained that the company is committed to helping consumers reduce food waste and save money.

The smart jar is an innovative solution that aims to tackle the issue of food waste.

Hellmann’s has partnered with WRAP to develop an online tool to help consumers set their fridges to the optimal temperature to reduce food waste.

WRAP’s director of collaboration and change, Catherine David, commented that over 4.5 million tonnes of good food are wasted yearly in UK homes, costing the average family over £700 annually.

Incorrect storage is a leading cause of food waste, and ensuring the fridge is at the right temperature can help food last longer.

David welcomed the trial of the smart jar as an exciting innovation that can help make simple changes in consumers’ lives to reduce food waste.

»Hellmann’s has launched a new “smart jar”«

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