Held National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, Indonesia appears as land of diversity in front of the world

Held National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, Indonesia appears as land of diversity in front of the world

DUBAI, 5th November, 2021 – Indonesia amazed the world at its World Expo 2020 Dubai National Day that took place at Al Wasl Plaza, on Thursday.

Hosted by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, National Day Indonesia carried the “Land of Diversity” theme, showcasing historical narratives of the country’s cultural wealth.

The event also introduced the opportunities of the nation’s openness to the world and its readiness for Golden Indonesia 2045, a vision to reach the national ideals as the country enters its bonus demographic.

All of this is summarized in the spectacular arts and culture show that was enlivened by some of Indonesia’s top performers, including talented young singer Lyodra Ginting who presented the local song “Indonesia Pusaka” at the highlight of the event.

In his opening remarks, President Joko Widodo introduced Indonesia as a country that is blessed with a variety of riches and cultural diversity, and is known for its natural beauty.

He also expressed his commitment to contribute to world progress.

“As we enter an era of a world without borders, an era without barriers, we are committed to opening more and more opportunities to work together and make a real contribution to the progress of the world,” said President Joko Widodo.

Furthermore, the President invited all parties to accelerate and strengthen cooperation, solidarity and friendship for a better life for the nation.

“Indonesia is ‘the land of majesty’, a land rich in nature and culture; Indonesia is ‘the land of opportunity’ which will continue to open up new opportunities and collaboration; Indonesia is ‘the land of innovation’, which will continue to innovate for generations to come.

This is us, ‘the land of diversity,” concluded President Joko Widodo.

Indonesia’s National Day is part of President Joko Widodo’s commitment to be actively involved in global issues, emphasizing on the good relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the organizer of the Expo 2020 Dubai and as an important partner in the Middle East.

In addition, the visit also strengthened bilateral relations after the signing of the Indonesia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IUEA-CEPA) on September 2, 2021 and provides a great opportunity for Indonesia to get the spotlight on a wider and promising potential in the eyes of the world.

Previously, before the start of Indonesia’s National Day performance, the Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi delivered his speech in the Stage of Nations area.

He said the Indonesian Pavilion shows an inseparable relationship with the past in creating the nation’s future.

A future connected to the motherland, diverse cultures, precious ecology, and growing traditions.

“Our future will be supported by population growth and the talents of the nation’s children.

Our future will be guaranteed through our commitment to protect the earth and future generations.

Today, we are building the foundation for a prosperous future by inviting the world to trade, invest, and visit the charms of our homeland, Indonesia,” said Trade Minister Lutfi.

Indonesia’s National Day was witnessed by more than 2,000 people.

Minister Lutfi is optimistic that this will capture the world’s attention to visit the Indonesia Pavilion, as well as providing more opportunities in maintaining strategic relationships in the trade, investment, and tourism sector for the long term.

Meanwhile, UAE Minister of State Ahmed bin Ali Sayegh expressed his appreciation for Indonesia’s participation in the success of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Minister Al Sayegh said Indonesia was the first country in Southeast Asia to declare its commitment to this year’s World Expo.

“Indonesia as an archipelagic country has many opportunities and innovations that are integrated with modern technology and local knowledge, information content and unique pavilion designs are a manifestation of Indonesia’s cultural diversity and richness,” said Minister Al Sayegh.

Home to 202.

6 million internet users, Indonesia continues to innovate and leverage technology for future-oriented growth.

The nation’s digital capacity continues to strengthen along with the innovations presented by various parties, including industry players that create a powerful digital economy ecosystem.

PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), a leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, help enabled the digital ecosystem by maximising potential and accelerate growth in Indonesia.

In addition, PT Aplikasi Anak Bangsa (GoTo), a leading technology group with a mission of “Encourage Growth”, contributes around 2 percent to Indonesia’s economy from its three main companies.

The synergy between industry players and the government of Indonesia shows the potential and capacity of the Nation to the world through Expo 2020 Dubai.

At the National Day event, the government also launched an initiative program titled “Indonesia Spice Up The World.

” Through this program, it is expected to enhance the trade of local spices globally, aiming for an increase of spice exports by 25 percent to USD 2 billion in 2024 and the addition of 4,000 Indonesian restaurants abroad.

Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Didi Sumedi mentioned that the spice commodity exports from Indonesia in the period of January – August 2021 has reached USD 499,1 million.

The value increased 12,88 percent compared to the same period in 2020.

The exported spices from Indonesia include nutmeg, cloves, white pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Main export destinations for Indonesia’s spices are the United States, China, India, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

This program, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, involves multiple government ministries and agencies to focus on the Australian and African markets, although it does not rule out other countries in the future.

“On behalf of Indonesia, we are pleased to be but a humble part of this moment to share to the global community our history, our culture, our aspirations, and of course, let’s not forget our delicious food,” Trade Minister Luthfi concluded.

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