Grandma’s hand is broken by a meth addict on a nine-day bender

Grandma’s hand is broken by a meth addict on a nine-day bender

A man on a nine-day meth binge attacked in broad daylight, punching a grandma in the face and dragging her by a vehicle.

Before conducting the “terrifying” attack on the “elderly and vulnerable” mother, who had been visiting an Adelaide playground with her three-year-old granddaughter in May of last year, Selwyn Benjamin Warren, 20, had been up for more than a week taking narcotics.

The father-of-two from Campbelltown approached the couple and seized the girl’s backpack and the grandmother’s purse before escaping in a red Toyota Yaris that had been stolen.

The old lady followed him to the car and made an effort to get her things before he left while leaving her arm inside the car, leading her to tumble to the road and get driven over.

In connection with the horrific event that took place on May 11, 2021 at a playground in Paradise, in the city’s northern suburbs, Warren entered a guilty plea and was given a three-year jail term.

The court was told Warren stole the grandmother’s and child’s luggage from the stroller as he passed them while going nine days without sleep.

The grandma approached him after seeing what he’d done and following him to the stolen Yaris.

Judge Joana Fuller reportedly remarked before sentence, “(The victim) leaned through the driver’s side window, at which point you hit her in the face.”

She rushed inside to get their belongings as Warren began to pull away, the old lady clutching to the glass.

Judge Fuller said that the victim “was momentarily dragged by the automobile before she collapsed to the ground.”

She was in excruciating agony because you ran over her hand as you left. It was pure fortunate that the automobile didn’t hit any other portion of her body, notably her head.

In light of the fact that Warren left the scene while the lady was still clinging to his car, Judge Fuller ruled that Warren exhibited a “complete and callous disdain” for her wellbeing.

She needed stitches for a gash to her head and was treated for a dislocated finger at Modbury Hospital.

Because you had been taking methamphetamine, you claimed to have been awake for nine days, Judge Fuller stated.

“You wanted money to acquire more marijuana and methamphetamine, so you decided to take the pram, bag, and backpack while you were close to the Paradise interchange.”

Warren entered a guilty plea to the charges of assault, stealing, and dangerous behavior.

The defendant sent a letter of apology to the victim, and the court agreed that he was sorry for his acts.

You wish she will pardon you. You said that you “100% deserve” what you got since you had the option of killing her, she stated.

“You said that your time in jail had made it clear that you didn’t desire a life of crime and drugs.”

Warren received a sentence of three years and one month in prison with a 19-month non-parole term. Additionally, he has a six-year driving prohibition.

On May 11, 2021, his three-year sentence was retroactively imposed.

»Grandma’s hand is broken by a meth addict on a nine-day bender«

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