Government anti-terror policy review

Government anti-terror policy review

To safeguard its citizens from new, developing, and persistent dangers, the government will conduct a comprehensive revision of its counter-terrorism strategy.
In the United Kingdom and beyond, there has been a shift toward self-initiated terrorists operating independently from organized groups with increasingly personal beliefs and perverted views that are used to justify violence.
Diversifying and fragmenting, terrorists’ strategies and methods are getting increasingly diverse and varied.
In order to fight these threats, the anti-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) will be revised to reflect these new difficulties. This will entail soliciting a variety of perspectives and involving security specialists from the United Kingdom and beyond so that CONTEST can continue to defend the British public from terrorist threats.
Tom Tugendhat, minister of security, stated:

Terrorists attempt to polarize and sow animosity among us. We will not allow it. Our dedication to the ideals we hold dear is excessive.
However, as the nature of terrorism evolves and persists, so must we.
We will ensure that our response to the terrorist threat remains the best in the world and that we have a policy that allows people to live freely and with confidence.

The revision will incorporate a number of significant reviews, including the forthcoming second book of the Manchester Arena Inquiry.
In addition, the conclusions of the Independent Review of Prevent, chaired by William Shawcross, will improve the government’s capacity to prevent individuals from being involved in terrorism in the first place.
The government will make every effort to enhance the United Kingdom’s defenses against terrorist strikes.
This includes a reaffirmed promise to adopt the Protect Duty, which will increase the safety of public places without burdening small companies further.
More than 20 government ministries and agencies are already involved in the United Kingdom’s anti-terror system.
In response to terrorist acts, more than 200 proposals have been followed since 2017, including the establishment of the world’s first multi-organisational Counter Terrorism Operations Centre in June 2021 in London.
Matt Jukes, head of Counter Terrorism Policing, stated:

Since its inception in 2003, CONTEST has shown to be a durable and successful strategic framework for the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism response, but it must continue to evolve.
Today’s threat is dominated by fragmenting ideas, self-initiated terrorism, and the influence of hostile online beliefs on young people’s lives.
It is crucial that any future strategy incorporates these lessons learned and anticipates the future partnerships required to keep people safe.

Counter Terrorism Policing has made a distinctive contribution to all four pillars of the CONTEST strategy and will remain at the center of our preparedness for the sad times when terrorist attacks occur.

The government anticipates publishing a revised and improved version of CONTEST in 2019. In the meanwhile, it will continue to implement a counter-terrorism plan to ensure the safety of the people.

»Government anti-terror policy review«

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