Gold Coast schoolgirl makes life-saving triple-0 call

A nine-year-old girl saved her mother’s life by dialing 911 and administering CPR after she stopped breathing.

Charli Johnson contacted emergency medical dispatcher Anne Barklimore when her mother, Sharon Williams, fainted at their house in Helensvale, Queensland, on the northern Gold Coast, last month.On Friday Charli met up with Ms Barklimore and the paramedics who attended her motherThe schoolkid (pictured) did the compressions as she was instructed over the phone by emergency medical dispatcher Anne Barklimore

Extraordinary audio captured the schoolgirl quietly receiving CPR instructions over the phone from the attending physician.

“My mother awoke at 6:30 this morning,” Charli informed Ms. Barklimore. “She was vomiting. I was responsible for preparing my own lunch and other meals.

She slept the entire day. She just stood up, opened the door, knelt on the ground, and passed out.


Ms. Barklimore instructed Charli to perform CPR after the girl disclosed that the situation was deteriorating.


“I believe she has stopped breathing,” Charli stated. Ms. Barklimore then instructed Charli on how to perform CPR.


Place the heel of your hand on the breastbone in the center of your chest, and vigorously pump the chest,” she instructed.


“Count out loud so I can count with you; I need you to continue performing compressions repeatedly.” Don’t surrender!’ Together, they counted through the compressions, and Ms. Barklimore told Charli that her mother would be proud.


In the audio shared by the Queensland Ambulance Service, Charli’s mother can be heard making noises as an ambulance approaches the scene.


The schoolgirl met Ms. Barklimore and the paramedics who treated her mother on Friday.


Ms. Barklimore remarked of the schoolgirl, “She saved her mother’s life that day.”


She responded to the questions calmly and directly – this is crucial.


The Queensland Ambulance Service’s Drew Hebbron presented the young girl with a certificate of appreciation for her bravery and composure.

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