Globetrotting artist shut down M25 to send a message to her pregnant niece

Globetrotting artist shut down M25 to send a message to her pregnant niece

An artist who defaced her police tag while out on bail and who sells her works for thousands of dollars around the world is among the Just Stop Oil activists who caused disruption today, calling to her unborn niece in a bizarre video atop an M25 gantry.Isabel Rock, 41, was among protesters who sparked widespread disruption again today as they somehow managed to evade police this morning. Above: The protester is seen on her Instagram wearing an electronic ankle tag. She wrote in the caption: 'Look at this Public Nuisance!'

Isabel Rock, age 41, was among the demonstrators who caused extensive disturbances again today after evading police this morning.

Animal Rebellion activist Jesse Prince, 19, and activist Sam Holland, 21, both went public with their participation.

Rachel Payne, 75, who said she was there for her ‘five grandchildren,’ was also captured on tape nesting on gantries on the road network. `

The OAP Oxford graduate, who resides in a £270,000 home in Banbury and counts Barack Obama as a Twitter follower, has participated in numerous past rallies, including scaling the Downing Street fences eight days ago.

Ms Rock, whose artwork sells for up to £6,600, was recognised by Just Stop Oil as they proudly displayed today’s efforts.

She has participated in international residencies in India, Iceland, Germany, and West Africa, resulting in around 16,000 flying miles of carbon emissions.

She also supported a four-year transfer to Berlin, where she lived and worked.OAP Oxford graduate Rachel Payne, 75, seen second from right, was also on one of the motorway gantries protesting today

Ms. Rock chatted to her unborn niece and present nephew Billy in a video filmed over an unidentified motorway gantry on the M25.

Ms. Rock, who goes by the name Bella, stated, “This is a message from Billy’s aunt Bella.” I am referencing your past.

“It is November 2022, and I am standing on a gantry. We are requesting that no new fossil fuel licenses be issued; this is a death sentence for you and your entire generation.” I will not descend until the police bring me down.’




Isabel Rock, age 41, was among the demonstrators who caused extensive disturbances again today after evading police this morning. On her Instagram, the demonstrator is shown wearing an electronic ankle tag. She stated in the photograph’s caption, “Look at this Public Nuisance! ‘

Rachel Payne, a 75-year-old Oxford graduate and OAP, was also atop one of the highway gantries protesting today.

“Baby Billy, you are the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and you just gave me your first wave.

“Hello, baby Billy, I love you and your unborn sister. I’m doing this for you and all the children with no future.” Things will only become worse if we continue to use fossil fuels.

Her artist website indicates that some of her pieces sell for at least £6,000 each.Isabel Rock displayed what appeared to be a painted VW Beetle on her social media accounts and said it was 'jolly'. She wrote: 'Why don't more people want their cars decorated like this? It would make the world a much more jolly place. (apart from the logo). Message me for commission, very good price!!!'

She also displayed a car that appeared to have been hand-painted and described it as making the world a “happy place.”

Ms. Rock tweeted photographs of herself sporting an electronic ankle tag in August. In the caption, she boasted, “Look at this Public Nuisance! ‘

She continued, “Despite overwhelming scientific data on the climate problem, the administration is not pursuing any of its own goals.” Instead, the government is punishing peaceful protestors and acting as though we are the criminals.’

Hugh Rock, her father, is a multimillionaire who built his fortune in the organic soft drink industry.

Isabel Rock exhibited what seemed to be a painted Volkswagen Beetle on her social media pages and referred to it as “jolly.”

Ms Rock, whose artwork sells for up to £6,600, was recognised by Just Stop Oil as they proudly displayed today’s efforts.Ms Rock - who sells her art for as much as £6,600 a piece - was identified by Just Stop Oil as they proudly showed off today's actions

She has participated in overseas residencies in India, Iceland, Germany, and West Africa, totaling roughly 16,000 air miles.

Isabel Rock, photographed on the Southbank exhibiting her unique artwork, was among the demonstrators who targeted the M25.

Earlier today, a Just Stop Oil protestor caused a lorry crash and injured a police outrider on the M25, as large portions of Britain’s busiest motorway remained closed for a third consecutive day.

This morning, chaos erupted between junctions 26 and 27 in Essex after she was observed climbing a roadside pole, with one witness claiming it was a miracle nobody was killed.She has taken part in international residencies in India, Iceland, Germany and West Africa, journeys with a carbon footprint of some 16,000 air miles

Under a gantry, two semi-trucks collided, knocking a police officer off his motorcycle in the confusion. A photograph of the event depicted two large trucks mangled together and a motorcycle on the hard shoulder.

The event occurred on the third day of action on the M25, which appears to be the worst so far, when at least ten protestors caused closures at junction 4, junction 7 and 8, junctions 8 to 9, junctions 13 to 14, junction 22, junction 23 to junction 27 and junction 30.

A police outrider was pushed off his motorcycle and two lorries collided on the M25 as a Just Stop Oil demonstrator attempted to scale a gantry.

Today, a truck crashed on the M25 between junctions 27 and 28 when a demonstrator ran into the roadway. Moreover, a police officer was hurt.

For the third day in a succession, six intersections have been successfully targeted, which is quite embarrassing for the police. People stuck in traffic missed medical appointments, and one man even missed his child’s birth.

Scotland Yard reported that a person has tied themselves onto an overhead gantry between Junctions 24 and 25 and a JCB digger is required to remove them.

The police stated, “Locks increase the difficulty for our removal personnel and lengthen the overall operation.” For its removal, we had to bring in specialized equipment, including a JCB. Officers will work as rapidly and safely as possible to open as soon as possible.’

Officers appear to have been outwitted by eco-activists who arrived at 6.30am – 30 minutes earlier than on Monday and the day before – with ten eco-activists able to gain access to the road and numerous others climbing gantries and hoisting banners.

Two members of Animal Rebellion, an organization that advocates for a “plant-based food system,” joined Just Stop Oil at junction 13.

The police have been instructed to regain control as a result of the resurgence of the number of demonstrators on the streets.

The Met tweeted this morning at 6.56am that they were “ready to respond to any protest” – 26 minutes after the protestors had already taken to the streets.


»Globetrotting artist shut down M25 to send a message to her pregnant niece«

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