Global conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group, headquartered in the UK, and India’s IMPS Educational Trust have announced their partnership in the educational sector

Global conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group, headquartered in the UK, and India’s IMPS Educational Trust have announced their partnership in the educational sector

Global conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group, headquartered in the UK, and India’s IMPS Educational Trust have announced their partnership in the educational sector.

The collaboration will focus heavily on ed-tech as part of the joint venture.

With the agreement in place, the group will make significant investments in the development of education and e-learning within the current market.

SRAM, MRAM Group, and IMPS Educational Trust representatives were present.

After China, India has the second-largest economy, and the ed-tech industry offers enormous potential.

India’s education system is currently on the verge of being disrupted, thanks to AI-backed education technology that will make learning more engaging by turning it into an interactive, personalized method of information exchange and retention.

The SRAM & MRAM Group has been working on numerous projects all over the world.

The tech giant will enter the Indian education sector because it is a tech corporation with experience in the blockchain and fintech sectors.

The education sector in India is gaining up speed and expanding enormously as a result of the quick Ed-tech intervention.

With the advent of new technology and a multitude of knowledge at one’s fingertips, education has evolved into something that is extremely participatory, enjoyable, and customized.

The goal of the partnership between SRAM & MRAM Group and IMPS is to close the knowledge and accessibility gap between educational institutions and the appropriate technologies.

The Indian educational technology sector is steadily growing. The group wants to reinvent education with cutting-edge technology after conducting successful pilots in Cambodia and other parts of the world.

In 2000, civil engineer Bablu Bhattacharjee established the IMPS Educational Trust with the goal of delivering education in a way that each and every person can understand.

The trust is an organization with many obligations, benefits, and objectives that is dedicated to providing high-quality education in North Bengal and the surrounding areas.

The Trust is a member of a sizable family known as “IMPS Educational Trust,” which owns organizations in a variety of fields, including educational institutions and hotels like:

An engineering college run by committed technocrats is the IMPS College of Engineering & Technology.

Doon Heritage School: A reputable institution that offers the ideal academic environment while helping to mold future aspirants.

To recreate the spirit of the authentic North Bengali atmosphere, a hotel with contemporary conveniences is located in a prime area in Siliguri.

An IT & Management institute with cutting-edge facilities to support the workforce of an expanding sector.

The Trust’s mission is to develop compassionate, empathetic, and dynamic citizens who can meet the demands of a global society while upholding traditional values.

Being a center of excellence in education that upholds India’s rich cultural history, places a strong emphasis on the simultaneous development of body, mind, and soul, and is devoted to producing responsible, creative, and global citizens who are dedicated to India’s growth.

Hemalata Arumugam, CEO of the SRAM & MRAM Group, was reported in relation to the partnership as saying, “With this agreement, we are extremely excited.

With this cooperation, we hope to achieve success both commercially and culturally. We also expect a profitable business.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, we want to enhance the educational process and make it more engaging and customized.

The IMPS Trust will serve as a compass and provide value to the SRAM & MRAM family with its highly driven and knowledgeable personnel.”

According to Mohammad Khalid Iqbal, Direct Sales Agents, IMPS EDUCATIONAL TRUST, “We at IMPS Trust are pleased about the cooperation; the association will enable us expand and reach new heights while giving value to the SRAM & MRAM family.”

With its core interests in agro-products and information technology, the multifaceted SRAM & MRAM Group is a leading investor in international markets.

Its footprints span a variety of services, verticals, and operations, including neural networks, artificial intelligence, hedge fund management, FOREX management, hospitality services & solutions, information technology, media & publishing, embedded systems and infrastructure, among others.

However, the business has been making significant investments in the APAC and European sectors.

Direct Sales Agent Ruma Chatterjee of IMPS EDUCATIONAL TRUST stated, “About this cooperation, we are both thrilled.

Regarding market leadership, SRAM & MRAM Group has a stellar reputation. We are confident that the cooperation will provide our growth ambitions the proper momentum and enable us to reach a wider audience.”

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