Giants must overcome several challenges to defeat Cowboys

Giants must overcome several challenges to defeat Cowboys

If the Giants hope to survive their Thanksgiving Day journey to Jerry’s World, they will need to overcome a couple of obstacles. You can begin with the Cowboys themselves, as Dallas has already defeated the Giants this season, in Week 3, and is coming off an extraordinary rout of one of the NFC’s top teams, the Vikings.

Deficiency is another. The Giants’ already-Iggy-Pop-thin receiving corps is counting on a next-man-up hero, and is on the verge of having to call up either Amani Toomer, Homer Jones, or Stephen Baker the Touchdown Maker in order to field the standard 11 players on every play. The offensive line has sustained damage. The secondary is increasingly like the tertiary.

However, there’s also this:

Who was the last offensive touchdown scorer for the Giants on Thanksgiving Day and who was the President of the United States on that day?

It’s Dale Burnett and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

It was November 24, 1938. Yes. Thursday marks the 84th anniversary of this holy occasion. It’s true that the Giants regularly played on Thanksgiving in the early days of the league (11 times between 1926 and 1938, all against the now-defunct Brooklyn Lions, Staten Island Stapletons, and Brooklyn Dodgers), but this also includes four games since the beginning of the Super Bowl Era in 1992.

Daniel Jones and the Giants, who lost to the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium earlier in the season, will seek vengeance against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.
William Kostrou

In that season, Lawrence Taylor executed arguably his most famous play, intercepting Gary Danielson at the goal line and racing 97 yards for the game-winning touchdown in a 13-6 victory over the Lions. It is also the only “modern” game the Giants have ever won. They have been defeated 30-3 by the Cowboys in 1992, 26-6 by the Broncos in 2009, and 20-10 by the Redskins in 2017; Jackrabbit Jenkins scored the only other Giants touchdown, also on a pick-six in that same game.

So, if you haven’t gotten enough turkey, the Giants have been happy to provide you with more whenever they have played on Thanksgiving.

Yes. When Big Blue travels to Big D this time, they will be looking for revenge and attempting to avoid consecutive losses for the first time this season. Naturally, Brian Daboll is not concerned with any of that, as it is his mission to keep things simple for his players — at least those who are healthy enough to fly.

“Get ready to play a game,” the Giants’ rookie head coach said of his team’s preparations this week. “It’s that straightforward: prepare to play a game. The week is short; everyone plays them. Therefore, perform well during the walkthroughs. Conduct a thorough examination of the opponent and ensure that we’re prepared to compete. Take care of our health and prepare to travel to Dallas.”

Everything the Giants have fought and clawed for this season is still available to them, despite last Sunday’s demoralizing 31-18 loss to the Lions, despite losing two of their last three games, and despite the NFC East becoming even more congested since the Commanders have gotten a little more aggressive in recent weeks.

The Giants still have five of their six division games remaining, beginning Thursday at AT&T Stadium. They have positioned themselves to make these games significant. Even though the Cowboys are coming off a dominant 40-3 victory at Minnesota last week, the best time to play them is when they are dealing with a prosperity that they never quite know how to handle.

Additionally, the entire league will be watching.

Daniel Jones, quarterback of the Giants, stated, “I believe it is a tremendous opportunity for us.” “It’s a Thanksgiving divisional game against a rival. Huge game, huge opportunity for us, and we must play our best, play as well as we can, and see what happens.”

It’s remarkable that the Cowboys and Giants have only met on Thanksgiving Day once, and that was in 1992, during the final days of the Ray Handley Era, when the Giants suffered a 30-3 shellacking as part of a 1-6 slide that ended a dismal period in their history.

The Giants have much higher expectations for this season. It would be advantageous to return home with a football team rather than a MAS*H unit that is even more crowded.



»Giants must overcome several challenges to defeat Cowboys«

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