Giant red king crabs from Russia invade UK waters, threaten native species

Attention nature lovers, here’s a matter of concern for the native lives of aquatic species at UK water body. Giant red king crabs from Russia have been spotted as to invading Britain, spreading fear among fishermen.

The species is believed to grow about 6ft across and weigh up to 28lb and have hard upper shell to measure 11in across, being native to North America.

According to The Guardian, fishers in North Yorkshire found their pots heavy not with brown crab, but with the bright-red invader with long, spindly legs prized for their sweet flesh. London restaurants have already snapped up the haul, ready for weekend menus.

Scientists had introduced them to Russia in the 1960s and they thrived in the Arctic Ocean. Now being found in UK waters, aside from the odd one fished up in recent years, they have never been seen in significant numbers.

Their population exploded and fishermen got rich. Fishers in the UK are now in joy, as these guest grabs made them rich -especially the fishermen from Norway. However, some environmentalists have alarmed about the potential impact on native species.

Will Murray, head chef at Fallow restaurant in St James’ Market, London, has bought up some of the haul. He said he planned to cook the crabs over charcoal and make a sauce with the meat from the head. The sauce will be poured over potatoes boulangère and the legs served alongside. He was quoted by The Guardian. “We are excited, but a bit terrified, as they really are invaders and could kill off all our brown crabs,” Murray added.

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