Ghislaine Maxwell claims she has “no recollection” of Prince Andrew ever having met Virginia Giuffre. [Video]

Ghislaine Maxwell claims she has “no recollection” of Prince Andrew ever having met Virginia Giuffre. [Video]

Ghislaine Maxwell, the famed sex trafficker, has stated she has “no memory” of Prince Andrew and Virginia Guiffre, and that the infamous photograph of them together is a forgery.

Shamed sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured in the first video speaking from prison) has claimed she has 'no memory' of Prince Andrew and Virginia Guiffre - and that the infamous picture of them together is fake
In her first television interview since being incarcerated, Maxwell, 61, stated that she has no memory of the duo spending time in the United Kingdom or the United States.

Ms. Guiffre provided The Mail on Sunday with the infamous photograph of the pair, which was apparently taken in March 2001 at Maxwell’s flat, in February 2011.

Ms. Guiffre, formerly Roberts, claimed she was forced to have sex with the Prince at the age of 17, after being trafficked by convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell in 2019.

In the revealing interview, which will air tomorrow night at 7pm on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkTV show, Maxwell stated, “I have no memory of them meeting.” And I do not believe that image to be genuine.

The infamous photo of the Duke of York (left), Virginia Giuffre (middle), and Ghislaine Maxwell (right)
It is a forgery. I have no doubt that it is not genuine; in fact, I am certain it is not.

There has never been an original and no photograph exists.

Ghislaine Maxwell (seen in the first video speaking from prison) has stated she has “no memory” of Prince Andrew and Virginia Guiffre, and that the notorious photograph of them together is a forgery.

Prince Andrew is to launch a dramatic bid to overturn the multi-million-pound settlement he struck with Ms Guiffre in an attempt to get her to retract her sexual assault allegations

She said, “There is no original of that photograph, only copies of copies, and according to some experts, portions of it appear to have been photoshopped.” I do not recall her being in my home.

Kyle informed viewers of the show’s title, ‘Ghislaine Behind Bars,’ by saying, ‘Maxwell pulls the veil on Epstein, Prince Andrew, and even our late Queen. This contains Ghislaine Maxwell’s own remarks from behind bars.

Prince Andrew is about to make a bold effort to reverse the multimillion-pound deal he reached with Ms. Guiffre in an effort to get her to renounce her sexual assault charges and maybe win an apology. The interview comes as he prepares to launch this effort.

Ms. Guiffre dismissed her complaint against Epstein’s former attorney Alan Dershowitz, whom she also accused of sexual assault, last year after acknowledging that she “may have made a mistake” in identifying him.

Maxwell, who is serving a 20-year term for obtaining girls for her late lover and sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, stated, ‘I am aware that Virginia traveled with Jeffrey, so it is a distinct possibility.

Prince Andrew will start a dramatic effort to reverse the multimillion-pound deal he reached with Ms. Guiffre in an effort to convince her to recant her sexual assault claims.

Kyle announced the show, titled ‘Ghislaine Behind Bars,’ by stating: ‘Maxwell lifts the lid on Epstein.’ Maxwell is pictured alongside Epstein in an undated shot.

It was not anything so absurdly improbable that it could not have occurred.

Announcing the show, called 'Ghislaine Behind Bars', Kyle told viewers: 'Maxwell lifts the lid on Epstein.' Maxwell pictured with Epstein in an undated photograph
However, the photograph appears to be fake. And I have no memory of it being taken. I do not recall Virginia and Prince Andrew ever meeting.

Andrew agreed to pay Virginia, 39, a settlement in February of last year so that she would dismiss her civil suit, but he did not accept responsibility and continues to vehemently deny any wrongdoing.

However, the incident has severely harmed his reputation and driven him out of the Royal Family. His military titles were revoked and he was instructed not to use his HRH title.

According to The Mail on Sunday, new information has prompted him to speak with attorneys in the United States in an attempt to force a retraction.

Those close to Andrew allege he wanted to fight the claims in court, but was convinced to accept a compromise by Palace officials who feared the matter would overshadow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with unwanted press.

The revealing interview will run tomorrow night at 7pm on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkTV show.

The Duke of York took action after Ms. Guiffre dropped her lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s former attorney, last year.

‘Andrew felt like he was in a pressure cooker, as like he had no choice but to settle,’ claimed an insider. But he refused to settle and has always maintained his innocence. He wishes to determine what legal options may be available to him.

The duke has stated in the past that he had “no recollection” of meeting Ms. Giuffre and has thrown doubt on the photo, claiming he is “not one to hug” or “display affection” in public.

Andrew stated in a 2019 interview with BBC Newsnight that while he recognizes himself in the photo with Ms. Giuffre, it is impossible to determine whether the image was fabricated.

In addition, he stated that the photo could not have been taken in London because he was wearing “traveling clothes.”

Ms. Giuffre asserted to BBC Panorama that the photograph was “authentic” and revealed that she had sent the original to the FBI in 2011.

Lady Victoria Hervey, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, stated last year that the notorious photograph was fabricated.

She claimed it was cobbled together from a photograph taken at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party on a yacht in St. Tropez in May 2001, in which Virginia wore the identical white tank top and colorfully patterned slacks.

Lady Victoria did not possess a duplicate of the same Virginia photograph from St. Tropez that she claims was used to forge the image of Prince Andrew, and it has never been seen in public.

Lady Victoria Hervey, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, alleged that the notorious photograph was a forgery that had been cobbled together.

Lady Victoria added to her confusing accusations by stating that Prince Andrew’s ‘body double’ was a ‘Irish guy’ who was dating one of Epstein’s victims in 2001 and also attended the boat party.

Maxwell, whom Ms. Guiffre also claimed of grooming her for sexual abuse, stated during the interview, ‘I’ve read a lot of her depositions, and her assertions are extremely categorical and her stories are very detailed and intricate, including her claim that she visited Dershowitz’s home.

Therefore, I believe that her “memory lapses” are dishonest. If she has such a bad recall, how can you depend on anything she says?

When you provide extensive details and make claims that span five, six, or seven years, and then decide at the last minute that it was a memory lapse, I find it difficult to believe you.

Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in jail last year after a jury found her guilty of enticing young girls to massage parlors between 1994 and 2004 so that Epstein could molest them.

In August of 2019, Epstein was discovered dead in his cell in a federal prison in Manhattan as he awaited trial on sex trafficking allegations.


March 2001 – According to reports, the infamous photograph of Virginia, Ghislaine, and Prince Andrew was taken at Ghislaine’s residence in London.

May 2001: On the French Riviera, Naomi Campbell had a boat party with Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia, and Ghislaine Maxwell in attendance.

The Mail On Sunday approached Virginia in February 2011 while she was living a calm life with her family on Australia’s Central Coast.

Sharon Churcher, a journalist researching allegations that the FBI planned to resume its probe into Epstein’s sexual exploitation of minors, had tracked her out.

She was first reluctant to speak, not least because she feared Epstein might attempt to kill her.

She supplied the photo of Andrew to the Mail on Sunday at the time from a white envelope containing photographs documenting her adolescent years and excursions with Epstein to New Mexico and Paris.

She stated that the photograph with Andrew was shot at Ms. Maxwell’s residence following a visit to Tramp nightclub, a claim that the Duke rejects.

She asserted that the photo was taken in March 2001, two months prior to the boat party in St. Tropez.

She told Churcher at the meeting that she had three sexual encounters with Andrew as a teenager, but for legal reasons, the Ministry of State was unable to publicize her claims, which the Duke rejects.

November 2019 – Andrew alluded to the possibility that the hand around her waist was not his.

Prince Andrew told BBC Newsnight, “You can’t prove that photograph is a forgery because it’s a photograph of another photograph.”

It is really tough to establish, however I do not recall that shot being taken…

“That’s me, but I’m not sure if that’s my hand…I have no memory of the photograph being taken.”

December 2019 – Virginia told BBC Panorama that the photo is authentic and that she provided the FBI the original in 2011.

February 2022 – Lady Victoria Hervey reports that victims of Epstein informed her that Virginia and Maria Farmer edited the image.

January 2023 – Maxwell asserts that the image is a forgery and that she has only seen photocopies of the original.

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