‘Getting out of line’: Tbo Touch bemoans petrol price hike for luxury car

‘Getting out of line’: Tbo Touch bemoans petrol price hike for luxury car

With a substantial petrol price hike in 2022 alone, everyone is feeling the pinch…even those who drive luxury vehicles

Included in the latter group is radio personality and businessman Tbo Touch who bemoaned the costs of filling up.

The wealthy star – who is cited to rejoin Metro FM next month – has taken to his Twitter account to complain about the hole in his pocket.


Posting a picture at a petrol station, Tbo tweeted: “I don’t care how much you make or save! This is getting out of line”.

In the pic, Tbo – who’s real name is Thabo Molefe – reveals that his car had filled 90 litres of petrol, costing him over R2000!

The 41-year-old star has numerous luxury vehicles, which include a Mercedes-Benz G Class and A45 AMG, an Audi R8 Spyder.

An average size car has a tank capacity of between 45-65 litres. However luxury cars and SUVs can fill between 80-100 litres.

According to Sunday World, the DJ is expected to return to Metro FM in April with a new salary package of R480 000 per month. On top of that, the DJ will reportedly be given a R30 000 fuel allowance – which roughly is just over a dozen full tanks.

One-upping Tbo was Sizwe Dhlomo, who also posted a pic of his own petrol price woes. According to his Kaya FM presenter, his car capped at over 97 litres.

In a since-deleted tweet, the Kaya FM DJ reportedly boasted about having a “fleet” of cars in his garage.