Get the Money You Need with a TIES Loan in 3 Easy Steps!

Get the Money You Need with a TIES Loan in 3 Easy Steps!

TIES Loan Application Guide: Three Straightforward Measures

Due to the high unemployment rate, every young person in Nigeria must now seek out self-employment. However, finance is necessary for the success of self-employment. Herein lies the function of loans. The TIES loan enables every Nigerian graduate to obtain an immediate loan to operate their businesses.

Through the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme, Nigerian graduates and students have access to loans (TIES). In 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) created the initiative in order to assist graduates and students who may want funding to start a company.

TIES aims to encourage graduates and undergraduates to pursue entrepreneurship as a means of employment creation and economic growth, as opposed to pursuing white-collar professions.

How can I request a TIES Loan?

Please follow these guidelines if you wish to apply for it:

Click the link to see their website at

Next, select “Apply Now”

The next step is to fill out the registration form with the required information, verify the information, and submit your request. You will hold your breath until they respond.

Who qualifies for a TIES loan?

The government would only accept applicants with a university or polytechnic degree from a Nigerian institution. In addition, they will favor creative entrepreneurial enterprises with strong export potential, job creation potential, and transformative effect.

What kind of businesses may apply for TIES?

TIES encompass the following commercial activities:

1. Agribusiness, including harvesting, processing, storage, and logistics

2. Information technology — software/application development, data management, robots, and outsourcing of business processes

3. Creative industry – amusement, publishing, artwork, culinary/event management, photography, fashion, and beauty/cosmetics

4. Science and technology — medical innovation, ticketing systems, robots, renewable energy, traffic management systems

Consequently, to qualify for TIES as a graduate or undergraduate student, your organization must fall into one of the aforementioned categories.

What paperwork is required to apply for a TIES loan?

To apply for this timely loan, you must provide the following essential documents:

First-year college diploma (BSc or HND or any of its equivalent)
National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) certificate of release or exemption
Participation Certificates issued by polytechnics and universities attest to your entrepreneurial training.
Your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow estimates for firms with less than three years of existence.
A business plan including the specifics, finances, and economic benefits of the enterprise.

Note: You must be older than seven years post-NYSC.

How much can I access using the TIES?

Here is the minimum loan amount you can obtain through TIES, dependent on your level:

Tier 1 (individual projects): Your loan maximum is N5,000,000 with a 5-year term.
Tier 2 (Partnership/Business initiatives with no more than five separate partners): Your loan maximum is N25 million, with a 5-year term.
What is the interest rate on TIES?

From now until February 2023, the interest rate for TIES loans for graduates and undergraduates is 5%. However, it will increase to 9% in March 2023.

Where can I find the TIES (Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme) contact information?

Here’s a direct link to the contact page: Enter your information and query, then click “Send.” They will contact you shortly.


The TIES loan is a one-of-a-kind financing initiative aimed to assist business-owning graduates and students. This strategy’s primary objective is to foster entrepreneurial growth in order to generate employment. Review the above information to apply for the TIES. It should be emphasized, however, that only graduates and students from Nigerian universities and polytechnics are eligible for the program.


»Get the Money You Need with a TIES Loan in 3 Easy Steps!«

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